We are already approaching the end of the year and I feel like everything has gone so fast! 2018 has been a great year for me despite all the frustrating things I have experienced. This year made me a more reasonable person, a more contained buyer, and overall a happier woman. I learnt that a nice closet isn’t necessarily made of many clothes and that versatility is my favorite thing. I also discovered amazing brands and designers along the way.
Today I want to share with you 5 brands that I haven’t tried yet but really want to support in 2019. They are all doing beautiful things in a transparent and ethical fashion and I can totally see myself wearing their products for years.


One of the things I like with Montreal is the amount of independent business who manage to success despite fast fashion. I have come across Betinalou when I got interested in slow fashion. I love the simplicity of their designs. It feels like you could wear them any time of the year. You’d look elegant but not overly dressed up. I think they use beautiful material as well. Everything is designed and made in Montreal actually. I definitely need to visit their atelier.

♦Vixen by Micheline Pitt

Some of you already know Micheline Pitt, I am sure. She is an incredible business woman and I love everything she designs. I am particularly fond of her cigarette pants and denim. Her silhouettes are gorgeous and I haven’t seen a single person who didn’t look good in her dresses. Everything is designed and made in LA and I only heard good things about the pattern of her clothes.

Smark Parlour

Smark Parlour is a sweet brand which sell mostly dresses but also some t-shirts and accessories. I tend to gravitate around black clothes but I love a pop of colour so I think their dresses could really work for me. They even have this cute velvet jumpsuit that I would love to style myself. Just like Vixen, they manufacture in LA. I think their prices are super reasonable for what you get. DRESSES WITH POCKETS, made ethically. I would love for them to use more natural fibers but I guess it would be a whole different price then.

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♦Aakar Intimates

Now if we go into something a little bit more luxurious, there is Aakar Intimates. I had the chance to meet the brand at Curve NY this summer and I loved their designs and imagery very much. I love how free their model look. This Indian brand is the baby of a very young designer, Aayuushi Agarwal who I hope will be successful. Her designs just feel like luxury and freedom and you can tell that the attention to detail is present. While Aakar produces beautiful loungewear, I feel like many of their pieces could be easily used as outerwear. I just loved to meet them and to get to see their collection in person. They have a wide variety of designs but since they don’t sell them directly it’s hard to find them all at the same place. However, you can find some of them at The fitting Curve at the moment.

Gung Ho Design

I discovered Gung Ho on Instagram thanks to a beautiful embroidered sweater that they were giving away. This London brand creates amazing prints and original designs. It’s definitely an investment but I would absolutely love to buy this gorgeous skirt (picture below). They have nice shirts and blouses and accessories. I actually spotted a pair of earings which is utterly beautiful (if you like insects). I like this brand’s identity and I think it really has something special. I hope I can afford to try their products soon!

It has been quite difficult for me to keep up with ethical purchases because I honestly don’t make so much money right now, but since I am so aware now of all the bad repercussion of fashion I just can’t get behind shady brands anymore. My closet is definitely not getting bigger even with all the sales going on right now but I am so happy to save for special items. It’s a really nice feeling to have a closet that feels deliberate and not a accumulation of random items that just sit there. I feel like it gives me more styling ideas and I manage to do many outfits with the same items.

Have you tried any of those brands? How do you feel about the idea of a capsule closet?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Sending love,


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4 Replies to “5 Ethical fashion brands I want to see in my closet in 2019”

  1. I really liked the Aayuushi Agarwal pieces I saw on her website, but like you said, it is difficult to find them. I tried the site you mentioned but it doesn’t show up as a curated brand nor does it show up in a search. So I’m really not sure where to find them, a google search gives her company but that’s just a lookbook.

    1. Hello! Actually, it’s because Aakar intimates sells to stores as private label (if that is the way to say so?). So basically you won’t see Aakar’s tag on the product but probably the name of the store. But all the pieces available on The fitting Curve website are from Aakar at the moment.

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