So… This article is coming up veeeeryyy late. So late that I was able to shoot with next year sample in a new colorway already. But what can I say? This year has been extremely busy. I actually have been willing to talk about this set since I tried it months ago. It was a very nice surprise.

[This set has been gifted to me by Brastop. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photo credit: Bruno Balmokoun]


When I first saw Scantilly Encounter, I loved the big colorful flowers because they reminded me of hibiscus. The vivid red and pink colours on a black background are complimented by golden accents. This set looks like a romantic invitation. Looking at the stock pictures I initially thought it was a padded plunge. Pastly because the cup seams aren’t visible. 


However, Scantilly Encounter is actually an unpadded plunge bra. Let’s say that I usually avoid plunges because of shape incompatibility. My breasts are full on bottom and a bit projected so they tend to escape plunges when I bend forward or move too much. I have owned a Scantilly plunge before which was very comfortable. My only issue was that I wasn’t exactly filling the top of the cup properly especially after the mesh of the bra got a bit looser.
I received a 30G and interestingly, the fit is actually much better than many plunges I have tried before. I am only talking about shape compatibility with my breasts shape. This plunge feels and fits me so great! Not only it feels secure even on active days but the neckline is rather low and very flattering.

The wires are rather wide but also low so it’s actually very comfortable. The central gore doesn’t hurt and is great for full on center breasts. If you have wide breasts this bra might please you. The straps are fully adjustable and the back features 3 sets of 3 hooks and eyes and is true to size.

The coordinate

I am a sucker for high waisted brief. I just like the idea to have more embroidery, more lace adorning my body. Moreover, high waisted brief can really be elegant.  The Scantilly Encounter high waisted brief features 4 detachable suspenders. This can be appreciated in the bedroom but not necessarily practical for everyday wear, in my opinion. I wear it without suspenders straps most of the time.
I really love this cut partly because of the seamless cut of the back which is very flattering for the bum. There is also a possibility to adjust the waist thanks to ties at the back. The brief itself is very sheer but in a smoky way so you don’t feel completely naked. I love the embroidery placement as I think it could have been too heavy if it took more space on this brief but ended up being very pretty. 

This set was a great surprise and I am looking forward to the blue version coming very soon!

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