In case you don’t know, October is one of my favorite months! First it’s my birthday month, second HALLOWEEN!!! Another reason to get unusual lingerie and accessories. Classic lingerie is amazing but I live for indie designers and their refreshing ideas.

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Logandria Hecate silk scarf

– Logan, the designer recently lauched her silk scarf range and I am all about her drawings. The Garden Party scarf was the first design she released and I am amazed by the beauty of it (review coming soon). 
Hecate was created in collaboration with lingerie designer Karolina Laskowska. This scarf and the lingerie collection of the same name were inspired by Hecate, Greek Goddess of herbalism, magic, the night, ghosts, and necromancy.

_ Serpent and Bow Mandragora brief

Mandragora is a plant that inpired legends beliefs. Indeed, its big root, which roughly has a human shape was even called herbe of Circe. (A reference for mythology lovers 😉 ). This plant only grows at night and is known to release some toxics substances but has also been used for its medicinal properties.  I just love this witchy reference to be printed on a pair of high waisted panty. 

Agashi Bathory Lace Skeleton catsuit
I am not a fan of catsuits but I WANT that one! Who knew that skeletons could be so fancy and attractive! This luxury piece from Agashi Christina O is what my Halloween dreams are made of! It features gorgeous guipure and I am willing to find a way to wear it outside of my house!


Bad Bunny Dino bones 

Who doesn’t like Dinosaures? This is just a cool set that I have been eyeing for a while without taking the plunge – because of my big boobs situation. I love this print and it would be nice all year although it is particularly great for the halloween season!

Cristina Aielli Heather harness

Cristina Aielli is one of the best lingerie designers I have come across. Her style is very unique and I honestly love everything in her store. The Heather harness is reminiscent of a pentagram and is fairly easy to wear as underwear or outerwear. The velvet elastics must feel so great to the touch and I am in love with the big rings that give it a nice jewellery vibe.

Marjolaine Gitane dress

If you can’t see a rich witch in this photo, I don’t know what you are seeing… Ahah! I love Marjolaine for their silk but they also create nice clothing and this dress just felt like the perfect witch loungewear. It’s elegant, lacy and perfect to wander around cimeteries. 

What is your favorite Halloween garment this year?

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  1. I love Logan’s drawings.
    That Marjolaine black gypsy maxi-dress looks very pretty.
    My favourite Halloween garments are tiered tulle petticoats worn as peasant skirts and waist-cinchers. I think they would look fab paired with the Serpent and Bow Mandragora Magical Mandrake Root classic high-waist magic undies.

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