This Summer, I was lucky enough to attend The Lingerie Selection. I have been willing to go every year for the past 3 years but always had to miss it usually for school related reasons.
Well, there is no more school for me and I happily visited the trade show at the beginning of August. You must know that The Lingerie Selection is a much more intimate and independent version of Curve. I talked about my visit in an article for The breast life, for those who are interested.

The first booth I visited was Edge O’ beyond. I had been watching the brand from afar for the past 3 years or so, but never thought I could ever wear their products. Earlier this year I have been contacted by the designer who informed me that they were expanding their size range and that soon I could probably wear their bras.

[Disclaimer: The items in this article have been lended to me. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Take in consideration that I only wore them for the time of a shoot.]

Photo credit : Comics Girls Need Bra | Karis Ivory dress (size 3)

Edge O’ Beyond’s sizing used to go from a size 1 to 7 (roughly up to 32F and sister sizes). They recently introduced a size 8, equivalent to a 30G-32FF-34F-36E. Most of their bras feature adjustable straps at the back, which makes them both very cool and easy to fit in, as long as you are within their cup range.

Much to my surprise, I was able to fit in their most recent size 7 quite nicely. My breasts have changed this year and I do fit into a 30FF in many brands now. I am not going to lie, this makes my life easier when it comes to luxury garments. 

Photo credit : Comics Girls Need Bras | Karis Bronze dress (size 3)

Now I believe that EOB coordinates and loungewear fits smaller than the other UK brands I usually wear. While I usually go for a Small or even XS, I am a size M (3) in their dresses and briefs. I suggest going up a size if you don’t have a particularly willowy silhouette. 
I found the dresses to fit my bust perfectly though they were a bit wide around my waist. This doesn’t show much in pictures but well, it is what it is. The nice part is that the fabric is thick enough to hold my breasts without a bra and that is the first time I feel comfortable wearing a backless dress. I need to get the Bronze one at some point.

Photo credit : Jonathan Corinus | Hannah, Bra size 7- Suspender size 2- Brief size 3

Hannah was the style I expected to like the least but was actually one of my favorite once I put it on. This bra is half a size too small for me but I felt very supported and the whole set is extremely flattering. The suspender might not be one I would wear outside the bedroom (I simply don’t trust 4 straps suspenders) but it is a heartbreaker. I loved Hannah. I would say that if you are a full on top 30FF-32F, you might be ok with the size 7. For me, the nip slip was inevitable though. 

Photo credit : Jonathan Corinus | Emma, Bra 32F, Suspender size 2- brief size 3

Emma was one of the styles I fell in love with at The Lingerie selection. The sparkly lace and delicious suspender skirt had my heart at first sight. However, in practice, I realized that this style wasn’t the best for my body shape. The high apex cup do not match my wide and full on bottom breasts very well as they would easily slip outside the cups. The suspender would be perfect for a more hourglass figure, I’d say. On my narrow hips it was sliding. Nonetheless, not every set is for everyone and I got to realize that balconnets are what fits my shape the best. I really love the finishes and overall idea behind this range though. It’s simply dainty and adorable.

Photo credit : Jonathan Corinus | Awa,  Bra size 7 – Brief size 3

Awa is definitely the set that screamed my name when I saw it in person. This set seems to be made for me and the minute I had it on I knew it was a keeper.  Awa is elegant, luxurious and reliable. It’s all I enjoy in the current luxury lingerie trends. It is strappy, plays with illusion mesh to accentuate the silhouette of the wearer, and is unnoticeable during a full day of wearing it. I got to keep this set as a gift and I am in love with it. Every Awa piece is delightful to wear but I went for the high waist brief because “the more embroidery the better”. The pattern is just so gorgeous.

Edge O' beyond AW20Photo credit : Jonathan Corinus | Marinette Bra size 7 – Brief size 3

Marinette is from EOB diffusion range (50£ for the bra, 40£ for the high waisted brief). This much more affordable set is actually the second-best fitting bra of the list. Light, yet supportive, this range is the perfect solution to not finding your exact shade of nude. However, it is also the most revealing set I have ever worn. You must as well be naked ahahah. Now, this is an excellent way to do the highlight your natural beauty. The tulle used for this range is soft and delicate, I wouldn’t recommend wearing it everyday but it doesn’t feel like it’s going to get damaged easily either. The wires aren’t the sturdiest but they work.

Edge O' beyond AW20Photo credit : Jonathan Corinus | Bonus shot of a good hair day x)

Overall, I am happy I got to have a closer look at a brand I have been curious about for so long. Their lingerie is made in UK, which explains the price range, but the daintiness of the design and the material they use are also beautiful. I would say to give a try to the newest collection (they seem to fit bigger than the previous ones) if like me you are at the smaller end of the full bust world.

EOB creates refreshing luxury lingerie and to be honest, while I felt like I missed out on Agent Provocateur (during their great years), seeing young brands providing these excellent luxury pieces prove to me that this industry is constantly improving.

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