You must have noticed that I have been very much into loungewear lately. Probably because I need to be comforted a lot as days are getting shorter and colder. While I love silk charmeuse, cotton can also be a heartwarming material especially when it comes in thick yarns. Maude Nibelungen, products, in addition to having this unique aesthetic also have a very sensual way to adapt to your body. And by sensual, I am really not talking about seduction. It’s about the way the textures, materials, and silhouettes just seem to work in their own peculiar way with the wearer natural appearance.

[I received these stockings as a gift and purchased the Cocoon sweater. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]
I remember the first time I tried one of Maude dresses on. I was expecting to not be able to rock it because of my body shape, but the minute I saw myself in a mirror, I actually felt amazing. I have no idea how she does it but a lot of her clothes just makes me feel like a rock star. When I was younger, knit represented Christmas socks and hoodies. Maude Nibelungen clothing and lingerie just give it a whole different meaning.

The Audrey stockings

As we are now clearly within the winter season in Montreal, it felt appropriate to feature a cosy outfit for this post. For those who don’t know the brand, the Audrey stockings were part of the Grey Area collection I modeled 2 years ago for Maude.
They were actually my favorite item from the collection. I love fine legwear since I was a little girl and cotton thigh high are definitely my thing. Legs are such a pretty part of the body and it is so much fun to adorn them with beautiful textures and fabrics. The original Audrey stockings are black. Because of the monochromatic yarn, their structure is less obvious than it is on this pair. They feature reinforced toes, a nice black “seam” on the back as well as an elasticated opening. I received this custom pair as a surprise gift from Maude Nibelungen and I love that these details are contrasting on the red thread. This is a rich red. It has personality. The thread is thin and light but this is a pair of stocking that is durable and I have been wearing it several times since I got it.
A really magical detail is the beautiful black and red Swarovski crystal beads that compliment the ankles of these thigh highs. It brings a discreet jewelry touch and I love to see them shine when the sun hits them. With this weather, I love to layer them over a pair of sheer beige stockings to add some extra protection against the cold. I am not going to say that this is appropriate for -30 degrees but around -8 I am quite ok. I truly love this pair of stockings. They will actually be discontinued after the 30th of November. The brand has a 20% discount for the Black Friday if you are interested!

The Cocoon Sweater

I honestly couldn’t resist matching these two items for my review. I know that this sweater isn’t lingerie but it is one of my favorite purchases of the year and I just love how the two knitting textures work for this outfit. For the sake of this article, I didn’t wear anything under my sweater. However, in real life, I would certainly wear a tight and relatively short skirt in order to cover my lingerie in a simple and discreet way. With some winter boots, I think this would do a great outfit.

The Cocoon sweater is the bulkiest garment I own that isn’t a coat. It really gives me this comforting feeling that makes me feel warm and protected. It’d like wearing a teddy bear but keeping it stylish. I am very happy I got it and I wish I could get the Heart warmer top before it’s discontinued on Saturday.

Maude Nibelungen clothing is very qualitative and unique. I love everything I have ever got from her and I can’t wait to see what the future has in stock for this brand.

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  1. I am loving the attractive appearance of Maude Nibelungen knitwear (I just visited the website you linked). Those rich red Maude Nibelungen stockings look fabulous styled with that very attractive chunky and warm looking Maude Nibelungen Cocoon sweater-dress. I love the look of the outfit!

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