Hey hey hey! July is one of the best months of the year. We’ve got a lot of sun, mango season in the Caribbean, no snow in Canada, the biggest sales of the year if you are interested… Yes, July is a great month. For me it’s also the perfect time to get the best shots and have access to cute places.

[ Disclaimer: This top was a personal gift from Maude Nibelungen. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links. Photo credit : Daynis Zed]
I have been willing to shoot today’s outfit since last fall actually. Somehow I never got the opportunity to do so. I guess it was for the best, since I got to meet Daynis in the meantime and now we are out there taking great pictures in the city.

But first, underwear…

When Maude gifted me the Alice crop top, I immediately wanted to find the perfect bra to wear underneath. I initially thought I would go for a black strapless bra, but all of mine were too bulky for this top. Then I tried black bras, black bralettes, but it felt like everything was a bit too much under the light thread of this top.
And then it hit me. I needed nude underwear. Fortunately, last fall, I got to try the Asos full bust triangle bralette in the shade Golden. This bralette is definitely my least ethical purchase of the year, as its price is ridiculously low considering its nature. I usually wouldn’t go for such a piece but I actually thought it would be nice to know more about Asos lingerie line. Also, Nubian skin doesn’t make bralette in my size yet.
I bought this Asos bralette in size 30GG (30J if you buy from the French website). I am thinking that I must be in between size as I do have extra room to fill at the top of the cups.  However, it also feels like I wouldn’t be secure in a smaller size. So I do not regret picking this size. This piece is surprisingly supportive and reliable. I wore it during a day of moving from one apartment to another and I didn’t readjust my breasts more than once during the whole day.
Maude Nibelungen Alice Crop top
It features a nice underbust band and the back is rather discrete. I love that the straps are fully adjustable and stay into place as well. I didn’t know if I would be comfortable going out with this plunging neckline, especially on a bralette, but I did. I do wear this bralette a lot, so I would say it was a decent purchase in the end. It got already a lot of wear and still support my 30GG breasts nicely. I really like it.Maude Nibelungen Alice Crop top I appreciate that they lined the cup with brown power mesh on the inside. I do think that the combo power mesh/microfiber helps the bralette to remain supportive wear after wear. Now you can still tell it’s a very inexpensive piece, as the finishes are not pretty, and the elastics aren’t the best quality. But hey, what can you expect from an 11 euros bralette? I am honestly surprised that it does such a great job and look actually ok on me.
Maude Nibelungen Alice Crop top

The Alice crop top

Now the pièce de resistance is really the Alice crop top from Canadian designer Maude Nibelungen. She gifted me this piece in size US 6 and it fits like a dream. For those who don’t know her, Maude is creating knit clothing in the spirit of lingerie-as-outerwear. Her pieces can be layered or worn as is. They are truly versatile. Every design is unique and I love that she adapts knitting technics to the lingerie world.

I don’t think you can really tell how good her pieces are until you actually tried them on. I have always been surprised by the fluidity of her silhouettes. Her pieces look so delicate against the skin. They are actually quite light as well. The Alice top and Audrey stockings are my personal crushes but honestly, everything I have tried from her was beautiful and original.
Maude Nibelungen Alice Crop topI am honestly not the best at describing knit garments but I can tell you that Alice is one of the coolest items in my wardrobe. To be honest, when I first put it on I thought I did something wrong that made it so irregular. However, this irregularity is one of Maude’s signatures. And now that I can see it, it is actually beautiful.

I really love the edges of this top. The thick high collar seems to give some “strength” to this piece. I wouldn’t know how to say it better. The more I look at this piece the more I discover it. I do not get tired of it. Alice does stay into place and haven’t bothered me once. However, I am very careful with my jewelry and this thread.

Maude Nibelungen Alice Crop top


I chose to wear this crop top with high waisted wool pants I got from a thrift shop last year. I believe they were made in Europe but I don’t remember if it was in France or Italy. (I don’t have access to my full wardrobe right now. ) I am a firm believer in crop tops and high waisted bottoms. I think it makes this look rather elegant despite the amount of sheerness. The super classic shoes also contrast a lot with the Alice top and that is basically me.

The texture I get from the top over my skin, the leather accessories and shoes and obviously the lovely location made this series special to me. Shoutout to Daynis Zed for always making me look cool and stylish! <3

Let me know your thoughts! 🙂

Love always.

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