Ok guys… I have no idea why it took me 5 trips to New-York to finally visit Journelle. I hadn’t even realized that they had several stores around the city… Now I must visit them all. However, I will start by reviewing my very first experience at the 1266 3rd Ave store. I ended up finding this store last Summer, as I spent less time at Curve expo than I usually do.

[ Journelle didn’t request a review. I wasn’t compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own]
Journelle is probably the biggest US luxury lingerie retailer. They currently have 5 stores within the United States and are known for their amazing selection of luxury garments from creative independent designers and well-established brands such as Chantelle.
I have only ever bought from Journelle through their website, and I would say that the internet is really our best friend when it comes to lingerie shopping. Nevertheless, walking into a store, being able to see the quality, try the fit of the pieces before buying them is a luxury. It’s extremely comfortable, and stress-free, as long as you can find your size I would say.
For me visiting a Journelle boutique is a way to discover products I can’t access in Canadian stores, but also being surrounded by lingerie I actually see myself wearing. It’s one of the only boutiques I have visited outside of Europe that doesn’t try to tone down the very nature of their garments by putting a ton of cotton floral print pajamas at the front.
Not saying those aren’t beautiful but, in general, lingerie boutiques are really not so glamorous. When it comes to the atmosphere and products selection, Journelle would be equivalent to the French Orcanta boutiques- only on a bigger scale. Orcanta used to be my favourite place to shop back when I lived in Toulouse. It was one of the only French store in the city that stocked my size in dainty lingerie. Now, one of the things that I never understood with Journelle is the fact that they actually stock full bust brands that would be usually hard to find in North American, but order only the smallest cup sizes offered by these very brands. With all due respect, it is a bit strange to carry Katherine Hamilton lingerie only up to a FF cup when the specificity of the brand is that it goes up to a HH cup despite offering excellent luxury fabrics and designs. It is as if they were only willing to deliver to smaller busted customers even selling full-bust brands… Now we all understand that companies try to minimize the risk of losing money, but I think Journelle would actually gain from helping a wider range of customers in North America. Now that is my two cents, but I am no expert. I just know I was a bit sad to see all these bras I knew existed in my size but weren’t available to try in store or on Journelle’s website. Now I still enjoyed my experience there, in the sense that it’s always nice to see in person pieces that I only ever saw on the internet. The sale person was also friendly and helpful. And I loved how everything was so neat and pretty.
The store as a selection of home & body products such as candles, sprays, and oils, things that put you in the right mood basically. I love it when a store turns into an experience and not simply a place to shop into. Journelle has a sophisticated yet inviting energy and their selection makes you want to live that fashion quarantine life.
I ended up finding a couple of bras that kind of fitted me such as this Fleur of England balcony bra in 32F (if I am not mistaken) and a Katherine Hamilton Abrielle in 30FF. For your information, I would say that the Fleur of England bra fits a bit bigger than I expected both in the band and cup. I was surprised to fit into the Abrielle bra and it was interesting to get to try other sizes than the ones I have in my drawer. Taking risks when buying through the internet, especially when customs hit you hard, is quite stressful. Trying things in-store, is definitely more pleasant.
Overall, Journelle was a lovely experience and made me want to visit more of their stores. Now, to be honest, I think it’s currently more efficient to visit their website if you already know your sizes and tastes. You are way more likely to find what you are looking for as the selection is obviously wider and if you are on a budget, you might even find some great deals.
I don’t know when I will travel outside Canada again, considering everyone is pretty much stuck at home for another couple of months, but next time I set foot in New-York, I hope I have some lingerie money to spend in a beautiful Violet & Wren pyjama set. There is something about buying lingerie souvenirs in different countries, they always have a strong sentimental value. 🙂

What is your favorite lingerie store/ online retailer? What do you think would improve your shopping experience?

Hope you are safe and that you take care of your mental health right now!
Love always,


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2 Replies to “Where to find lingerie in NYC : Journelle”

  1. Journelle’s 3rd Avenue store in Manhattan looks very attractive, clean, inviting, and pleasing to shop in. It’s nice to know that they carry lingerie by Chantelle among other luxury lingerie brands. I see Journelle also carries suspender belts (garter belts) in a nice range of colours.
    Both of the bras you found look very pretty. I especially like the appearance of the deep blue embroidery on the Katherine Hamilton Abrielle bra.
    The beautiful Violet + Wren pyjama set sounds like a delightful purchase.
    I will have to keep Journelle in mind if and when I visit Manhattan again.
    P.S.: Congratulations on your new Wen CGNB YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYLG0N_qL1fi8VXwG-RltZg/videos !!!

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