Just so you know, you’ll see a lot of these red shots for a little while. March was my month of love and so it shows. I want to write about things that make me feel good and Miss Lala presents loungewear is definitely one of them! Last year, I bought my first item from the brand and since then, was convinced I needed more of their cute prints in my life.

[Disclaimer: I bought these pieces with my own money under my real name. Miss Lala didn’t require a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photo credit: Bruno Balmokoun]
I discovered Miss Lala a couple of years ago, maybe three. At the time I was lusting over their Chocolate box set in pink, which sadly didn’t come in my size. This set was to die for, one of the cutest most well-made satin sets I had seen. Oh well, I had to look elsewhere.

At first, I wasn’t too sure about the Meet Me in Saint-Louis print. Not because it wasn’t pretty but because I wasn’t certain that this shade of pink would suit me. You know everyone keeps saying that all colors work for sunkissed skin but it’s not true and I didn’t want to look weird. So anyway, one day there was a big sale and I thought it would minimize the risk. And so I got the Meet Me in Saint-Louis slip.
The product description said it ran small, and I was also worried about the chest area of the slip which has some reinforcement for bust support. This can be either a great thing or a bit of an awkward fit when the item is made with smaller busts in mind. So I asked Fine, the designer, for some help which she very kindly provided.
We determined that a size Medium would do, and I placed my order. I ended up buying the kimono one year later. This item comes in one size fits UK 8 to 16.


When I received the slip, I was happily surprised by how much I liked the mix of light pink and red. The print is very unique and definitely vintage-inspired. Although in most of my pictures you only get to see the little chains of red ribbons, the illustration actually features white ribbons tangled between the red ones and some tiny dots.
I love the adorably cheesy ruffled on the chest area of the slip and at the bottom of the skirt. It’s sweet as sugar.

The kimono is my favorite item of the set, as it has so many great details and is honestly very luxurious. I didn’t expect that level of attention to detail, simply because I have never owned such great loungewear before. This piece is perfect for warmer seasons as it is silk lined and is thicker than my other silk garments. Of course, it’s not a wool sweater but it makes a difference.You can close it from the inside thanks to the traditional little tie you find in most robes, but also on the outside thanks to a satin covered button. This way even without the big reversible satin sash, your kimono may stay closed. If you close it this way, you’ll get the stock pictures look, but I enjoy feeling wrapped as much as possible, so I don’t really use that button. This is why my kimono fully covers my breast in my picture.
Many of the seams are almost invisible and the attention to the smallest detail is there. I am just so in love.


Sizing and Fit

When it comes to the sizing, I think the Medium slip does fit like a size UK 10. It’s comfortable to wear and a size 8 would probably be tight around my hips, although, since the silk is stretchy, I did notice it get a bit bigger with wears. There is also plenty of room for my breasts, however, the support is minimal. I love sleepwear with bust support but I don’t expect it to feel like a bra, so I am ok with that.

The kimono has a way more flexible fit. Nevertheless, I think one size fits all is always tricky. I like a loose fit for my robes so depending on how you like it, this size might or might not be satisfying. There is a huge amount of space for arms and shoulders but the robe won’t wrap everyone the same way.

Honestly, this is such a great purchase! I even want a backup! Just so you know, I don’t think these pieces are produced anymore so, once stock is gone, it’s probable that you won’t find it anywhere. The designer is a sweetheart so don’t hesitate to send emails for sizing info and so on!

Yours truly,

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