For some reason, I always had a hard time going to bed early. It started as a child, when I had to finish my homework but kept being distracted until late at night (although it probably could have been done way faster). Then whenever we’d spend time in France it was just like a never-ending sleep-over with my friends, as we missed each other for a whole year. My mum was strict but weirdly not too much on this kind of thing. And so I guess the dark circle life caught me very early.

It’s only now, at 25 that I enjoy going to sleep before 1:00 AM. I guess my life is also more stressful and busy, which contributes to making me sleepy after midnight. Is it weird for a 25years old? Should I still be partying until 7AM? I used to think that I would sleep when I will be dead because life wasn’t going to wait for me, but I guess I was wrong. Now, I have no regret. I would rather eat my fruits, drink water and sleep 7h a night (which honestly isn’t that luxurious). Maybe then, I can finally get rid of my tired face and help my skin go through life smoothly…

Anyway, one of my favorite beauty accessories is the silk sleep mask. I know, I know, it doesn’t actually have an effect on the way my skin looks, but it is just one of those things that makes me feel good and forces me to close my eyes until my alarm rings- which results in better skin appearance. I am very sensitive to sunlight and honestly, anything wakes me up. So these little helpers are my way to enjoy a full night of sleep while feeling fancy and beautiful. <3 Here is a selection of sleep masks I wish I owned!

xoxo Wen

Olivia Von Halle Appleyard silk eyemask 

Departement of curiosity sleep mask

SLIP Marble sleep mask

Evgenia Rouge sleepmask

Pillow Book Sleep mask #05

Love Bird Embroidery tassel bag and sleepmask



Fräulein Kink French Kiss sleepmask




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