The lingerie industry has evolved quite a lot since I started reading lingerie blogs in 2012… A lot of bloggers stopped updating their blogs and others… Became lingerie brands! That is the case for the lovely Megan, former blogger at All’s Fair in love and lingerie, who opened her own business in 2016 (wow, time literally flies). She created Queen of Suburbia, an ethical lingerie brand based in Toronto. The designer literally runs the whole thing, and I am so impressed by the way her brand evolved.

[This set was sent to me as a gift. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photo credit: Bruno Balmokoun.]
Her first designs and imagery were cute and simple, featuring adorable prints, cotton, and lace. However, she really took the brand to another level in the past couple of years and she now has a more luxurious touch. I just really love how good she is at creating patterns and the way she uses her fabrics and material is amazing.

The Flora set

It’s funny, I am usually not into floral lace but this one simply feels fun and refreshing and I really love green accents in lingerie. The stretchy silk is a nice way to make a set feel fancy, yet comfortable. I received a custom bra based on the brand 28G with an adjustable band and lace trim on the cup. The original design is a two parts half-cup bra and is made from the Helene pattern. Mine has a bit more coverage and is made in three parts. I am really into the effect of the eyelashes lace on my bust.


The cup is lined with thin beige mesh, so thin that it’s almost transparent. Never the less, this bra is very supportive and fits like a dream. I love that the gore and wires are covered with the same lace as the cup. It’s such a radiant set. It feels like a sunny Spring! Construction-wise, the bra is a cut-and-sew bra that provides a natural but still uplifted shape.

The straps have a nice length, they aren’t too long, which I love! Honestly I am so happy I stopped experiencing extremely long straps in bras! I don’t know if the industry is getting better but I am loving the fact that adjustable straps are actually adjustable and not just one-setting (the tightest). You can see that I also have a lot of room for adjustment at the back!
Now my favorite part of the set might be the suspender belt. It’s such an unexpected design for me, and I simply love the fit. Queen of Suburbia’s suspenders are made to your waist measurements. There is no “S-M-L” option. I think this is great since 4 straps suspenders usually don’t work for me due to my body not being curvy enough for them to actually sit on my waist. With this one, I experienced no sliding. It fits even if there is only one closure setting (which is aesthetically great). It’s comfortable, flattering, and functional.
The bikini brief is super lovely! I am usually not a fan of this cut, as I think it’s weird on me, but this piece is honestly adorable and I love the way it fits. It doesn’t provide as much coverage as a classic brief but isn’t an actual tanga. My bum tends to eat it a little throughout the day, but not in a way that makes it actually uncomfortable to wear. The adjustable straps at the side are a great idea for this kind of underwear, as they would otherwise cut into people’s hips. Honestly, I love how well-thought this set is. It gives out a nice silhouette and is fun and easy to wear. I am so happy I finally got to experience the work of this designer, as I can totally relate to her and I love to see how she created a product that takes into consideration all those things we talk about when we write about lingerie. Queen of Suburbia is fresh, ethical, and clearly involves a lot of skills from the designer, whether it’s in the sewing and pattern making, but also marketing. I can’t believe the brand has been evolving since 2016. Considering the number of lingerie brands that struggle to survive, it’s always phenomenal to see an independent designer being successful.

I am also glad that she is Canadian, we definitely need more options; especially ethical, but still affordable lingerie. Honestly, Queen of Suburbia lingerie is worth the price tag, especially if your currency is Euro or USD. I am planning on getting more sets from her as soon as possible! It’s great to see a brand that makes me want to buy bras again when I am mostly interested in loungewear nowadays. As a matter of fact, I just ordered her Map traveller set…

Lots of love, and please stay safe!

Yours truly,

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  1. Kudos to Megan for her inspiration and initiative to extend her love of lingerie from blogging to the creation of her own ethical and bespoke lingerie brand Queen of Suburbia!
    I love the complementary contrast of the green silk straps with the lovely floral lace of this pretty lingerie set.
    Your eyes and lipstick look very pretty, and these photographs of you showcasing this pretty luxury lingerie set are beautiful.

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