If you have been following me for a while, you might have noticed that once or twice a year, I try to attend the lingerie fashion week. It’s an event that usually happens in February and at the end of July and allows the lingerie industry to network and get to talk about what’s next in the industry. This year is very different though… I won’t be providing shots of new collections or filming designers’ booths.  This year, there is no booth, no travel to Paris or NY, everything happens online. The organizers of the Curve expo quickly responded to the global situation and launched a great application to make sure the show could go on!
So, that’s how it is, for now, we’re adapting. I miss the excitement of meeting new faces organically, but at least we still get to connect.

[Image credit: Fashion Snoops, Patricia Maeda and Curve ]
Fashion inspo ss21

So the spirit of SS21 seems to revolve around two themes: Pleasure and vulnerability.

I find this to be very interesting especially in this strange period we live in. The pandemic, had us feeling more vulnerable than ever, and for a lot of us, the escape is available pleasures. People have been doing shopping therapy, smoking, and drinking a lot. I am pretty sure sexual activity hasn’t been decreasing either. On top of that, the media are overwhelming us with all the bad news about our society, we don’t know who to trust anymore. Being bored and anxious doesn’t suit humans very well and many of us end up doing anything to get a few endorphins.  How can we be the best version of ourselves when the world seems to be upside down?
Curve NY SS21 inspirationSS21 inspiration

Now, what does it mean when it comes to fashion? How does vulnerability translate into clothing? Well, the answer could be anything I imagine, but what comes naturally would be, natural fibers, soft fabrics, smooth lines, sheerness, skin-matching garments…

Lingerie that respects your boundaries, lingerie you can trust (ie. sustainability), lingerie that *feels* good and doesn’t only look good.  That is what you can expect for these upcoming new collections.
Curve NY SS21 trendsCurve NY SS21 inspiration

And while we need to be comforted, there is also this other part of us that wants to feel alive. The guilt of not being as productive as we used to, not feeling as useful, as “normal”. Not being able to recognize the world we live in, or to comprehend where it is going… All this anxiety and uncertainty calls for other extremes. Pleasure and satisfaction. What makes life worth living for some of us.

Modern bondage, sensual cutouts, deep v-necks, soft cup, silky feels are to be expected. I do not see that as a big change compared to the past few years, but maybe, this upcoming season will surprise us with elevated sensuality and things that will make us spend more time in front of the mirror…

When it comes to loungewear, the confinement gave us even more reason to invest in our pyjamas, and why not wear them out too? The line between sleepwear and outerwear has never been so thin… Wearing something great for ourselves instead of trying to match other people expectations, self-care through soft and refreshing fabrics, flattering cuts and being able to go from your bed to the next zoom meeting without having to change… Is that what the future holds?

What do you think about these trends? Can you relate to these sentiments?



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2 Replies to “Curve NY SS21 : Vulnerability & Pleasure”

  1. I can absolutely relate to those trends, and love your sentiments, views, and analysis.
    I had been wondering what @Curvexpo would be like this year, just looked at the schedule of events on the Curve-NewYork website, noted the noted the Curve Connect link and watched the video titled: ‘Curve Connect September 13-25, 2020’ | Curve – YouTube.
    n past years I have loved reading, seeing and learning about of the latest lingerie sets and ranges from the various lingerie fashion brands / exhibitors, seeing and reading reviews by lingerie aficionados bloggers and seeing videos by lingerie fashion bloggers+lingerie review Tweeps like @LingerieJournal .
    I have also loved seeing the wide variety of eternally in-vogue lingerie as outerwear fashions in street-style, in the haute couture on the runways, in fashion magazines, on stage and in music videos, in supermarkets, and even just for wearing around the house.
    Pyjamas as outerwear is certainly a logical, comfortable, and visually pleasing variation on that.
    It sounds like a delightful idea. I love the trend.

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