This year has been particularly tiring for the black community. Every day, a new murder, a new scandal. I wish this was only an American problem, but it seems that America is just louder than everyone else. We’ve cried, we’ve sworn, we’ve been grieving. The pandemic didn’t help but in the middle of all that, life went on, and projects have flourished.  

This Spring, a new brand seemed to emerge from Instagram’s meanders and made its way to my heart. Ihuoma (name of Igbo origin meaning fortunate), was born from the hard work of Annabelle Mu’azu. Annabelle and her daughter A’isha wanted to create a lingerie brand inspired by black women in a unique and luxurious way.

I was caught up at the first sight of Ankh embroidery but really, the brand has an enchanting energy. And I actually think it could please people from any background. The Ankh symbol is a symbol of love, energy and life. The brand focuses on feminine energy and wants the wearer to feel like a goddess. The use of the warm colors of silk just makes it so special. I love brands that have a strong identity and aren’t scared to own it. I am personally in love with the kimonos they created. They look incredibly luxurious.

Ihuoma is a dream come true. A celebration. The ranges are named after ancient goddesses and I love this way of honoring them and us.


Asase Ya: Earth goddess of fertility of the Bono people, an Akan ethnic group of Ghana.
Mawu: Creator goddess, associated with the Sun and Moon in Dahomey mythology.
Oshun: Goddess of the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria. Oshun is commonly called the river orisha, or goddess, in the Yoruba religion and is typically associated with water, purity, fertility, love, and sensuality.
Ma’at: Egyptian goddess seen as the personification of truth, justice, and the cosmic order.
Luna: Greek goddess, personification of the moon.
Size range
Ihuoma size system is meant to be very flexible. You can pick a size from 1 to 6 which covers from a 30C to a 30FF including sister sizes up to a 36DD and  XS to XXL(UK18/US14). This isn’t the most inclusive size range, but it’s a “normal” one for a new-born independent brand.
I like the flexibility because it means that when they’ll extend the sizing, they only have to have one size at a time to please many more people. Though, I can only imagine the difficulty of making 3 to 4 sizes in one. I can’t wait to try their size 6, let’s pray for my breasts to not get any bigger.
Apparently, more colorways and styles will be added to the collection before the end of the year, but for the initial launch, you can pre-order their UK-made products and will get them within 4 to 6 weeks. Custom-sizes are also available on request.
Ihuoma lingerie
Annabelle in Divine Feminine embroidery longline bra and Asase Ya Chocolate silk kimono.
Ihuoma lingerie
A’isha is wearing the Mawu Copper silk embroidery longline bralette, Mawu Copper silk thong.
Ihuoma lingerie

Oshun gold silk embroidery quarter cup, Divine Feminine embroidered brief and Mawu Copper silk kimono.

Ihuoma luxury

Ma’at Bronze embroidery slip and Asase Ya Chocolate silk kimono.


Divine Feminine Triangle Embroidered Bra
Asase Ya Chocolate silk balconette bra, Asase Ya silk tanga brief and Asase Ya silk suspender.
22K gold plated cowries shells that will be added to the final designs as the brand hadn’t found the perfect ones before releasing the samples photos.
Alycia is wearing Oshun Gold silk embroidery quarter cup, Divine Feminine
embroidered brief.
A’isha in Luna Flame silk boudoir bra and side tie knicker
Oshun Gold silk balconette bra, Oshun Gold silk thong and Asasa Ya Chocolate silk kimono.
Models: A’isha Mu’azu, Annabelle Mu’azu, Alycia Blackman

Photographer: Katrina Louise Lilwall

What do you think of Ihuoma? What is your favourite range?🌟 I am very much in love with the Mawu Copper silk embroidery longline bralette set and Mawu Copper silk kimono. That’s what I would spend money on right away if I was to pick from this new collection! This is so exciting!



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  1. Really stunning embroidery. I hope that someday they’ll release my size, but at with a larger band and a larger cup I guess it won’t be anytime soon.

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