The days are getting longer and warmer… Spring made it to Montreal. Right now seeing the sun so high and bright, the cloudless sky and the empty streets feels strangely reassuring. Downtown silence… This is so surreal. I am having a hard time projecting myself right now. So here is a memory from a more peaceful time. Dreamy and impromptu editorial shot by the talented Romana, @blxckdreadshot on IG.
Romana is an incredible photographer and her work always exudes warm, and positive energy despite the curtain of melancholy you can detect in her lens. The Caribbean is full of beautiful and natural energy… It’s glorious and so simple at the same time. The softness of the textures, the colors and tastes are simply heartwarming… As much as people see these lands as exotic and fun, you’re missing the point if you can only see that.

Working with Caribbean artists in my motherland is something that always fulfills me. The richness of our environment is simply incredible and in many ways understated. But I also got to appreciate the creative spirit going around. It’s strong and so unique. I know I am a small Caribbean blogger in that lingerie world but I love to share with you guys a little bit of who I am whenever I am able to do so. Sharing is caring, you know?
Plus who doesn’t need to escape a little from our current predicament? I am so tired of listening to Corona-virus news. I am feeling lucky to be surrounded by positive people right now. This is a very anxiogenic time for everyone and I am missing the blissful moments I spent not worrying about anything and simply enjoying being back to my island. After shooting with Romana last Summer, I knew I wanted to collaborate with her on a project that would speak to both of us, where we could both express ourselves and see the result of both our worlds coming together. I am so glad we got to do it before the whole island shut down. I tend to look a bit melancholic on my pictures but I think this side of me is brought out even more naturally through her photography.
The choice of outfit was actually great for this collaboration. The contrast between large pants and corseted waist, the movement of the robe, and this abandoned garden simply were meant to be. You might have seen these pieces before. They are from some of my favorite designers and I put a lot of love into making them work together.
Right now might not be the best moment to invest in new luxury pieces but it’s definitely the time to appreciate what you already have and get creative with it. Gratitude is the key to so many of our issues. I think this is such a revealing time for many of us. For once we have a minute to reflect on ourselves, analyze our relationship, the way we are living our lives.
When I went to Guadeloupe, I was very depressed to be honest, and it was one of those times when I just needed to escape this occidental capitalist word. Whenever I go home I remember a simpler life. Eating fresh fruits from your garden (or someone else’s), walking bare foot in the sand, climbing on roofs and watch the world from there… Randomly running into people you love in the street after not seeing them for a while. Having a minute to think about only one thing at a time.
As much as productivity and constant movement are exciting, there is beauty in being static for it allows you to stabilize your world. Right now seems to be the best time to find balance from the inside out. Now I know it’s easier said than done and that we aren’t all struggling the same way. But I hope we can all take advantage of this period to think differently about the way we experience this world.

Stay safe, and make sure you show love to the important ones in your life.

Until next time,
Yours truly,


AD, Photography : Romana @Blxckdreadshots
AD, styling, make up and hair : Comics Girls Need bras

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5 Replies to “Palms and windows: A CGNB x Blxck Dread Shots editorial”

  1. The fashions, lingerie, and photography in this lookbook are stunning, and you look beautiful modelling them.
    I love both the lingerie+fashion outfit featuring the pretty embroidered Ellesmere Porcelain Bra styled with the Evgenia Eventide Ribbon Corset and embroidered palazzo pants, as well as the lingerie outfit featuring the beautiful coordinated Homage robe and Homage high-waisted knickers from Sada by Sarah. Absolutely gorgeous couture and photography!

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