This year has been very experimental, and we had to be creative with our lives in order to maintain some sanity. There was no trade show this summer nor this fall, but I love that the Curve NY team managed to bring a new concept to the industry.

We have got the opportunity to attend many small seminars about relevant subjects and about two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to be a judge for the Curve Pitch-off competition. This competition was a way to help new designers get some exposure and feedback for their work in front of the industry. I found it very interesting from a business perspective.

I thought I would introduce you to the designers we got to discover or rediscover for the occasion!

Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise is an ethical Canadian brand that keeps their production in house. They are known for their printed silk robes that gives you the impression of having a well deserved time away in a beautiful location. I have personally be living in their robes since I discovered them.


Wing Bra is a brand that designs stick-on silicon bras solutions to help women wear dresses and tops that require backless bras or discreet supportive systems. I wish these bras would exist for fuller busts but I would also like to hear from women who have tried them in the past. I am always curious about this type of product.

Panty Promise

Panty Promise is a brand that focuses on feminine health and hygiene. Their organic cotton panties are made without harmful chemicals and dyes. I love that this brand creates basics in many skin tones colorways as well as black and white. This is the kind of brands that will definitely please customers as they offer many different cuts that are easy and most probably comfortable to wear (cotton panties often are)  on a daily basis.


Menagerie was the winner of the Curve Pitch off competition, so their lingerie should be available at Journelle some time soon. I think this is very exciting and encouraging for designers who take risks and dare to be different. I am not their target customer but I love the idea of their business.


Herbe is a new US brand designed in NY and Miami and ethically manufactured in Europe.They aim to offer comfortable lingerie that feels like loungewear or ready to wear items. I like their layback yet romantic aesthetic.

Lovecraft Intimates

curve pitch off Lovecraft Intimates is one of the most sustainable brands I have encountered, for they use second-hand material to create their collections. I love the idea to repurpose garments instead of always looking for “new”. With all the waste our planet is going through, I wish more brands would create this way.

Aspen Dream

curve pitch off
Aspen Dream is a US brand focusing on the modern and active woman. Their production is meant to be eco-friendly and easy to care for. I love that they want to create affordable luxury for women who don’t necessarily have lots of time for themselves.

Overall most of the brands competing at this event showed a real interest in a sustainable and clean fashion and I appreciated that. It was very interesting to discover designers I had never heard of but also see young brands I was already familiar with.

What do you think of these brands and products? What brands would you have nominated?

Wen xx

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