I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I am not a Valentine’s day person. Not that I don’t like receiving gifts from my partner, I do really like gifts, even if it’s just an unexpected half a dozen of macarons and a cute handwritten note. I am a gift kind of person.

However, Valentine’s day never really spoke to me. As a teenager, it was just another day of not having any romantic interest or worst, seeing everybody else with flowers all around school and not getting any. Ahah, not that I would have been comfortable with receiving one. What do you do when a person you don’t know nor have interest in gifts you a box of chocolate or a rose? This just seemed awkward to me.

Getting older, I really didn’t expect much from my partners on that day but also I guess everybody feels a bit obligated to make it a bit cuter than any other day. And it does feel nice to add some sparkles to our life. I just think that after the year we just had, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to publish yet another list of things to spend money on. Aren’t we all financially tired?

So I thought, why not write a blog post about cute Valentine’s day ideas that will make you feel good. If you have someone to feel good with, why not include them as well?

A love letter

Love letters are amazing. You can write one to yourself, so you can read it when you need a reminder of how amazing you are. Sadly most people don’t correspond via letters anymore so you could wait forever until you find a long letter full of sentiments in your mailbox.

Now, if that is something you enjoy you might as well write to people you care about. They will love it and it’s a nice way to express all of the feelings we don’t usually express verbally. If you aren’t into letters, you can also write nice words on post-it stickers and pack them nicely, ahah!

A living room PICNIC

Photo credit : The home depot

So, I don’t know about you, but I love sitting on the floor. For some reason, I find it comforting and grounding. Right now, it’s winter and it’s cold outside. We’re also experiencing a pandemic. Every excuse to create a nice at-home experience is valid.
I really enjoy watching a movie via a projector or a big screen if any of this is available while lounging on the floor over a thick blanket with some wine and food. Honestly, it also works with my laptop screen. Student life has never really left me. If you want to make it fancy, take the time to really cook something you enjoy instead of snacks and put on your favorite comfy pajamas. I saw this cute picnic basket on Etsy and I really wish it made sense to get it x).

A personalized gift to a friend

If you must buy a gift, know that everybody likes a present that seems to be truly inspired by them. It can be a nice illustration, a personalized embroidery, or a bracelet with a nice pendant, a candle with a familiar smell… It’s honestly up to you and what you know of your friends/lovers. I am personally in the middle of a move (yay to finally having a place to live in) and I think I will take advantage of having a new place to personalize it and make it mine. Maybe you have someone like that in your life. A nice object that will complement their home or some fresh flowers to brighten their day could do the job!

The gift of a new skill: lingerie embroidery kit

I honestly love the idea of learning how to do things myself. I wish I could learn everything. I have been thinking for a while about learning embroidery but I guess I can never get myself to focus and do it. Well, this is something I would also gift to my lingerie/DIY/fashion aficionados.

A nice homemade cake/Meal

Honestly, food is such a valid gift! In this time of pandemic, restaurants are simply inaccessible. I miss them terribly but it has been a time of learning to make my food more interesting. As a foodie, I am always very happy whenever someone takes the time to put together something I will enjoy eating. Cooking for yourself or someone else could be a great valentine’s day idea.

I am very fond of warm chocolate cakes and I think it happened once of twice that a cake was my entire dinner. So, there is no rules. If you believe you can please someone in your household, or if like me you don’t mind eating lots of cake alone… Spend some time in your kitchen and do something you enjoy cooking/backing. Sometimes it seems like a loss of time but the result will certainly be worth it!

Let me know the things you do to make yourself and other feel better in this harsh pandemic times!

Love you all!


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