Growing up, I was really obsessed with girly yet simple looking lingerie. I wanted to wear these grey cotton bras, like every other 13years old. I wanted the soft comfy bralettes with comic book characters prints and the plain padded bras. As weird as it sounds now, I wanted all of that. I wanted to stop feeling inadequate and wear lingerie meant for my age.

One day, however, as I was a bit older, I realized that “having” to wear more expensive, grown-up lingerie, meant that if I had to own only 3 bras, they’d potentially all be a bit fancy. At the time, my reality was that the full-bust options were either extremely basic or luxurious, either way, they were expensive. Think Epure by Lise Charmel, Empreinte, or Prima Donna. Note that I was in France, where brands like Panache weren’t known by most people and I wasn’t buying online yet. So if I was to spend big money on a bra, it made sense to pick a nice looking one.

Eventually, as time went on, I realized that not only the cute bras I wish I had as a teen existed in England, but also, some of the most beautiful bras I had ever seen were made by full-bust brands or brands that were able to create full-bust bras. I did not feel sorry for myself anymore. Only sorry for my wallet. Here are some of the coolest bras I have seen made in full-bust sizes.


[ Their size range goes up to a G cup]

Harlow and Fox is a well-known luxury brand in the lingerie community, however, I am confident that more people should know about them. This brand offers a true and unique luxury for full-busted women. I love that their marketing is always dreamy and promoting an opulent lifestyle, ahah! Whenever I wear one of my bras from them, I feel like a real princess. Their lace, embroideries and prints are insanely beautiful.

Another great thing about the brand is its consistency in quality and sizing. I do not like to have to guess my size in brands I have bought from in the past. Harlow & Fox is great for you can usually be assured that you’ll wear the same size in everything they make. Their bras are extremely supportive, which is truly not always the case with luxury lingerie. I am a person who doesn’t keep things for special occasions so if I am to buy a luxury bra, I want to be able to wear it to the supermarket. You can totally do that with H&F bras. They are supportive, secure, have a long life span if you treat them right, and will truly make you feel special. SO worth the price.


[Queen of Suburbia size range goes up to a G cup in some styles.]

Queen of Suburbia isn’t truly a full-bust brand actually but they are excellent pattern makers. It is an independent Canadian label that has evolved incredibly well since its debut. Their craftsmanship and quality are beautiful and I honestly love their romantic aesthetic. When I look at this label, I think “Jane Austen”, long walks in nature, fresh river water, but also sometimes, strong feminity. This set I chose to feature is probably not the best to fit my description of them, but it’s the one I will buy next time I have money to spend on lingerie. I love that it looks luxurious and elegant from the front and actually badass from the back.

Again, the brand isn’t specialized in full-bust lingerie but in my experience, they are very good at it. If needed, they’ll do made-to-measurement lingerie at a very reasonable cost. They are making some of the most comfortable and pretty lingerie I have tried. This is a brand I would buy at full price without thinking twice.



[ Avocado is specialized in small bands-full cups bras and their size range is a bit different from other brands as it’s EU sizing 60-70 E-L, 75 C-K, up to a 95F and sister sizes. Roughly UK 28 E-HH/J to 42E.]

Avocado lingerie, now Avocouture is a brand I have been featuring many many times on this blog. While I love the fun and colorful British and American lingerie options, I love a classic European look too. Avocado is a brand you can rely on for good quality, well-designed, and timeless lingerie.
Their bras have lasted me years and I can’t remember one that has failed me. Once you find your fit, you are pretty much set.
Featuring French lace, Swiss embroidery, guipure, and interesting patterns their bras are ethically made in Poland. I wish more stores would stock them because they are for me a brand many full-busted people should know about. It’s a solid investment if you ask me.

BLUE REIGN [Update summer 2022: Warning: This brand allegedly isn’t delivering their orders nor responding to customers anymore.]

[ Blue Reign size range is one of the wildest I have seen for a luxury brand : UK 28-38 / B-J with the intention to expand.]

This is a brand I have been eyeing for YEARS. They took a long break at some point and I felt like I missed out on so many great styles. But to be honest I couldn’t afford them at the time anyway. They recently reopened and came up with some amazing luxury styles. Every single collection is powerful and gorgeous and I just can’t wait to see their products in person.
I am usually skeptical of faux leather lingerie because I have seen brands use it and the bras can have this weird layer of thin fabric that wrinkles and looks cheaper as the bra ages. However, Blue Reign seems to master the use of this material. I have seen their products on a handful of customers on the internet and they always looked flawless. I am not sure how my breast shape would work with their signature pattern but I am so hopeful!


There aren’t that many full-bust luxury full-bust brands but here is a new one! I have discovered Te Amore via Journelle recently and I am obsessed with this lace! It gives me I.D. Sarrieri vibes and that is what my lingerie dreams are made of! The size range is pretty narrow at the moment (UK D-FF), and they admit to run small in the cup so it is probably C/D to F, to be honest. I am just very hopeful that they will introduce G and GG cups eventually. I am thinking that if you don’t go up to a G cup it’s a bit hard to call yourself a full bust brand in 2020 although not inaccurate… Let’s say that the intention is there! The patterns seem gorgeous and supportive.


[ Their size range goes up to a 38G]

Adina Reay is a brand I have been admiring since they launched. I have reviewed about 4 of their styles on this blog and my favorite is probably Veronica. However, all of them are gorgeous and after trying their unpadded strapless bra, I actually don’t want to wear padded strapless bras anymore.
This brand is staying true to their idea that full-bust lingerie doesn’t have to be heavy, thick, and plain. Instead, they create light, sheer, and delicate garments. Their embroideries and laces are breathtaking and their bras are super comfortable. I would love to try some of their older collections to see if they improved them to be as consistently well-fitting as the new ones. Lou and Ava are such a dream to look at!


[ Like Avocado lingerie, Empreinte has its own sizing system. It’s not a regular FR system but starts at a EU 75/UK30 and goes up to an H cup depending on the style. Note that French brands run deeper in the cup.]

Last but not least, another long time love : Empreinte lingerie. Empreinte is a brand that grew in me over the years. As a teen, I really didn’t appreciate their aesthetic. Now as a young adult who is very much into opulent embroideries, they are one of my all-time favorite brands. There aren’t many luxury full-bust brands in France. It’s a country where having big breasts isn’t seen as a blessing at all. So I will forever be grateful for the existence of Empreinte in such an environment. Consistent sizing, gorgeous and practical fabric, a beautiful fit, what else can we ask for?

Something I wish to see more often is H to J cups in full-bust luxury. These aren’t easy to create with the same materials and construction as smaller cup sizes but I am hopeful that eventually, there will be more offer in these sizes.

Tell me about another brand you would add to that list! These are honestly giving me life! <3 Although it can be a big investment, beautiful lingerie for bigger busts exists. Do not give up! There is something out there for you!

Yours truly,

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  1. My GF [32GG UK] is currently in love with a new Scantilly Indulgence set – which has some quite unusual size parameters as its made with a variable flex tulle. Clever…

    1. Ooh thanks for sharing this info! I had not realized this set wasn’t bra-sized. You are right it’s quite clever. Such a flexible sizing! I would love to try it too!

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