It’s Valentine’s day weekend! I would be lying if I said I make a big deal out of this holiday but I always try to at least treat myself to some pastries and good wine. For me, it’s another opportunity to take a moment for myself. However, in the lingerie universe, it’s also a perfect time to release the sassiest collections!

Today, we’ll discuss one of my favorite designers’ recent releases: Evgenia Rebelle Miaou collection, a very tactile and sensual piece of work, perfectly suited for the current leopard print resurgence.

[ Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Evgenia. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.]
One thing you’ll notice, going through this blog is that I am a sucker for consistency and that I am very passionate about well-thoughtout fashion garments. Chances are if I like my first purchase from a designer, I’ll come back for many more.

I have now quite a few items from Evgenia, and it’s clear that I am a fan of their work.

The brand has been offering its Rebelle collection for many years now. Originally, it was available in two colorways, Rouge(red) and Noir(black). Rebelle’s strength certainly lies in the fact that we never get tired of its vintage-inspired silhouettes, luxury silk velvet, and French heart-embroidered lace.

Rebelle revisited

Last Fall, the brand introduced a dark green colorway called Forêt (French for forest), some new loungewear options, and on the 14th of January, the Miaou collection was live.

Miaou is in fact, “the perfect combination of sexy and cute“. I always admire Evgenia’s lingerie for it’s clear that it’s made to appeal to women primarily. The silhouettes are delicate and feminine. While they are sensual (I honestly love lingerie that is interesting to the touch), it feels like a personal choice to wear such pieces.

Evgenia Rebelle Miaou features the same heart-embroidered french lace that we know so well, in a black colorway against a sheer canvas, but also a cheetah printed silk velvet that is both visually appealing and delightful against the skin. The silk wrap-around band fastens under each cup with buttons. It is light yet substantial. A rare pleasure.

I love the addition of cheetah velvet rouleau bows at the bralette’s apex and at the front of the brief. While the original Rebelle bralette doesn’t feature extra bows, I think it makes this version absolutely adorable.

As a full-bust lingerie blogger, I am delighted that Stephanie Bodar thought of me to showcase this capsule collection. Indeed, while the Noir and Rouge Rebelle offer many different items from full-length robes to sleep masks, the Miaou collection is smaller.

With this cheeky leopard print, Stephanie created a full lingerie set, made of her signature Deco-inspired bralette, a high-waisted brief, a high-leg brief, and a thong. In addition to the Miaou pieces, she also introduced the Jet Luxe ribbon corset, which honestly complements the collection very well. We are in full pin-up mode here, and I am loving it.

It must be noticed that the choice of models for this Fall/Winter release is quite lovely. As much as I always adored the brand, I have been wishing they would hire a plus-size or full-bust model someday.
It’s always difficult for me to take a leap of faith and buy bras from brands who don’t picture their ability to create things I could wear realistically. In a sense, it is also a choice that I completely understand from a business point of view. Not every brand readily offers full-bust sizes, and small businesses can’t do it all. Nonetheless, it is always useful to visualize how a product would fit someone I identify with physically.

The fit

I feel fortunate to be able to talk about the brand after experiencing so many of their garments myself throughout the years. When I was offered the possibility to shoot their signature bralette, I got very curious but admittedly a bit anxious. Would this dainty lace work for my 30G-at times 30GG- chest?

It is with great pleasure that I can attest to my excellent experience with this garment and the whole set I received from Evgenia lingerie.

Stephanie created a made-to-measure bralette following my sizing instructions. For your info, I always give as much information as possible when ordering made-to-measure items. For instance, I recommend that you give your bust radius in addition to your bust and underbust circumference. This one measurement ( the radius) will truly help the designer to visualize how your breasts behave and where the volume is located.

My underbust is 69cm while my bust is 95cm. It can be tricky to work with such measurements without wires, but my 13cm bust radius, gives an idea of the depth required for the cups.

Evgenia Rebelle Miaou bralette pattern performs surprisingly well and to be honest since I received this bralette, I have been wanting to wear it every day. I did not, but only because I didn’t want to shorten its lifespan. Still, I have worn it to work, to chill, to feel better about myself… I have been enjoying it thoroughly.

While the embroidered lace looks almost fragile, I found while wearing this bralette, that it is relatively sturdy. This piece feels secure and supportive and I didn’t need to adjust it for the 10 hours I had it on through a busy day of running around at work this week. Perhaps it is because it truly fits my measurement.

I now wear bralettes half of the time, whether I am out or at home, but this is actually one of the most secure and supportive wireless bras of my collection. My breasts cannot come out of it when I move, which is really what I want from my underwear.
I know I will reach out for it a lot in the future because it is not difficult to wear under regular clothes.

The coordinated high-leg brief is very cute. I initially wanted the high-waisted brief, because it looked just so comfortable and pretty, but I already own one in the Rouge Rebelle, and I realized that I reach out for it rarely during the winter because it sits very high on my belly, which is great under dresses but not under most of my pants.

The high leg brief is a new product from Evgenia and I am truly loving it. The cut is flattering, practical, and a good compromise between their thong and their high waist brief.

When it comes to briefs, I am in the team “the more fabric, the merrier” so I usually go for some coverage, and I find that this piece works really well for me. Besides, I can’t get enough of this velvet and I am on my way to get some more. If you haven’t tried to wear velvet over your bum, trust me, it is very pleasant!

Now when it comes to the high-leg silhouette, I think I am not curvy enough to get the look it’s supposed to give, buuut I will say that I am fine with it. It can be adjusted to your body type (really just place it the way you want) and it isn’t awkward in any way.

Happy Valentine’s day my loves! Whether you have someone to celebrate with or not, I hope you do something really fun because you deserve to feel appreciated -especially by yourself- every day of the year! <3

Yours truly,

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  1. I love the appearance of the front panels of the Evgenia’s Rebelle collection silk blend velvet and French scattered heart lace lingerie styles in each of the colours Rouge Red, Hunter Forest Green and Ravishing Miaou.
    I am especially loving the appearance of the front panel of that Miaou High-Waisted Knicker!

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