I wear red, grey and black most of the time but these days it’s like my lingerie doesn’t match at all the rest of my clothes. I’m on a colorful period. Maybe I have something to supply in my life.  So when I saw on Amazon UK that this style goes up to a GG cup and was at very low prices I thought it was time to give Lepel a try.
To be honest, I was a bit disappointed at the reception of the Rosey.


I found it not really supportive and the top of the cup was a bit weird on my smallest boob. Even if the band was firm enough I had to put the weight on my shoulders, adjusting the straps the better I could…
I have to say that the blue part of the cup is not made of the delicate thin lace which I expected after seeing Lepel promotion’s pictures, so I was even more disappointed… In my size it is more thick but I imagine that it would be even less supportive with a lighter fabrics…
Appart from the fitting issue, the bra didn’t match my personality and I ended up leaving it in the bottom of my drawer.


But, for some reasons, one day, I felt guilty for this lost of money and I
decided to wear it. What a good surprise!!! It was like my breast had change to fit it the most perfectly it could, taking into account that this bra did not fit at all on the first try… (Lingerie god action… Again?)
Obviously there was still the non-supportive-enough issue but I’ve started to find it a bit more attractive and when I took my instagram picture I realized that the little pixels on the cups form some kinds of flowers. I’m not a flowers lover but I felt happy to find a sens at that strange aesthetic.
The bright electric blue fit actually very well my skin tone and I love the details on the top of the cups.


I can say that this bra is not a complete disappointment but as it is not comfortable and supportive enough for me I don’t wear it so often.
I did not buy the matching knickers but I saw on Mademoiselle K review that it seems to be very pretty. And if blue is not really your colour, a pink version is also available.

What is the most important for you between support and aesthetics?
Would you buy a bra even if you knew you could not spend an entire day wearing it?

Hope this helps,

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