Even if I’m quite a Gossard girl I thought for a while that the Glossies range  was a big fail in both design and fitting… The first Glossie review I read was from Invest in your chest and maybe I have been a bit influenced. After Becky’s boudoir  review I was doubtful but wanted to try it myself. Then I was not sure about my size but I had a hunch that 30G could work. I’m so glad I followed my intuition.


This bra was an epiphany. I bought it at the same time as the Desire. And I’m surprisingly feeling better about this expense than the Desire purchase.
I can’t find any issues with this set. This is one of the comfiest set I bought this year. Maybe the color is not easy to wear but I love this neon pink. My boobs are on a cloud. The material is so soft! I was worried about the central gore to be floating or the material not to be strong enough to support my 30GG breast. BUT this bra is actually supportive. There is no cutting on the top of my breast and the band is perfect for me (maybe it could have three hooks but two-hooks bands don’t bother me). I love the touch of this bra. You should touch it. For real! I think my Paramour and this bra are the softer bras I’ve ever owned.

It’s a bit strange coming from me but I do love the discrete glitter and these small gold plates… 

It provides a round shape but not a lot of projection ( what I sometimes appreciate when I wear the kind of clothes which are usually created for more small bust.)
I think the transparency could be quite intimidating for some people but it doesn’t bother me. The straps are very thin. I know full chested gals usually love more wide straps but personally sometimes I need more discretion and so I like thin straps ( I think the things would be different if they hurt my shoulders but this is not the case so…)

I bought the short in a XS and it fits pretty well. No muffin top like the Desire thong ( I’m still crying about not return it to a size Small)… This short is very easy to wear and fits beautifully.


In a nutshell, I love this bra. I know transparency is not everyone cup of tea but these days it’s all about comfort and transparency in my life. So I think this bra has just the right tone!

All the best,

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10 Replies to “Never judge a book by its cover… The Glossies Gossard bra”

  1. This looks like a spot on fit for you. The wires look perfectly in your IMF and a great width as well! It’s great to find a bra you love and fits! I’m digging the transparency/sheer look in my own wardrobe at the moment, too.

    1. Haha! Thank you!! 🙂 Yes, this time no fitting problem on the horizon! Hourra!
      Do you think transparency provides a freedom feeling or does it make you feel sexy ? For my part I really feel free and lighter when I wear this kind of bra. ^_^

  2. Hmm, I’ve been thinking about buying this bra but I was worried about how supportive it would be. Good to know it holds up! I do wonder how well it wears over time–often soft materials stretch out quick, in my experience. Two years down the line, is it still in good shape? (This is assuming you read comments on old blog posts, lol.)

    1. Actually it is still in very good condition! I am still very surprised by how supportive and comfy this bra is. I want it in black and nude but I usually forget about it when I have money and buy something else ^^’. I have worn it a lot actually and I found that the fabric is as soft as sturdy. Like you don’t feel like it is stretching out, it just encapsulates your breasts and the shape it gives is still very nice. I wash it only by hands but also I have to admit that I have so many bras now that I wear it less regularly than last year because I just tend to forget about it and use the new ones more. I wear it periodically during stressful times. When I need comfy lingerie. But I have Gossard unpadded bras that I bought 4years ago at a time when I really didn’t have a lot of lingerie and that still look super good. If you can get it on sale, so you don’t loose too much money if you don’t like it on you, do it. It is a very nice everyday bra! But note that is runs big in the cup.

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