masquerade persia review

Grieving is not something fun and I hope my title doesn’t hurt anyone but this set from Masquerade is so gorgeous that I feel really sad when I think that the brand has been discontinued. I found it on Amazon  at very low price (here’s a beautiful Sapphire version).
I know Panache Black is supposed to be something like its replacement but I’m not yet convinced.  I know the name of this set is Persia but don’t you think that this bra has a Russian aristocracy feeling? Maybe I’m going too far but when I wear it I feel like some kind of Anastasia if her destiny had been to become a Russian empress. (Maybe I love a bit to much royalty stuff. I always had sympathy for Marie-Antoinette…) Anyway, I’ve been lusting after this set for so long! I was scared about the fit and sizing because I had tried two Masquerade bras before this one, the Rhea in a 30H and it was way too big in the cup and the Orla in 32G, my sister size (equivalent in cup volume to a 30GG) which was way too small in the cup… So I was a bit stressed out when I finally decided to buy the Persia…

masquerade persia review

Sometimes I really think that the Lingerie divinity exists…. When I received my set, I had the beautiful surprise to see that the 30GG was perfect for me in the cup. The matching thong in a size 10 was also a perfect fit and and was truly comfortable so I was more than happy after all these worries. But what bothered me all the same was the band. It was more like a 28 band than a 30 and not so stretch, I had to wear it with an extender several times before being able to wear it on the loosest hook. I don’t know if I lost weight or if the fabric relaxed a little bit but now I feel good when I wear it so this is all I could ask for.

The details of this set are killing it! Look at these straps! The embroidery all over the cups… The black satin fabric! Instead of the usual bows on the center gore and on the middle of the front part of the thong, you can see a lovely little tassel that raises the beauty of this set. It’s all about details! Details are everything in lingerie!
Even if the straps are not fully adjustable they are short enough for my shoulders. However, be careful because I know it could be a problem for some petite gals.
The bra is a three part balcony with full coverage, but the two-thirds of the cup are doubled with a beige delicate fabric. I think the fact that two-thirds of this bra are more thick than its top helps to give a nice, structured shape and raises the elegance of this piece. The wires are narrow, strong, and provide a beautiful projection.

masquerade persia review

In a nutshell, this set is a 9/10. I’m crazy about its construction and fabrics! Persia makes me want to try silk lingerie… Maybe I should start to save money…
You can still find this set on Belle Lingerie website, on e-bay or on Amazon uk , but unfortunately, it’s likely that a lot of sizes are no longer available.

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SPOILER : NEXT WEEK will be about THINX!!! I’m just too excited! Hope you’ll enjoy it!! 

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9 Replies to “Lingerie grieving : Masquerade Persia”

  1. I understand your feeling about Masquerade! I have a Panache Black Ardour (which is a nice t-shirt bra with the upgrade of the lacey details), but I still dream of one day owning a Amor, Angie or a Rhea…or all of them! They might be too wide for me, cup wise, but they’re soooooo regal looking! <3

    That Persia looks amazing on you; I agree it's royal somehow yes! 😉 I think Anastasia would have approved hehehe

    kiss kiss
    My Fashion Insider

  2. I’ve heard on all the reviews of Masquerade bras that the bands start out extremely tight but loosen up a lot with wear (using with an extender, of course). It’s due to the satin material used for the bands- it doesn’t behave like the usual mesh bands. Instead the satin just stretches out over time and never returns back to it’s smaller size. I just ordered the Rhea and the Medina in a 30 so I really hope this turns out to be true. Have you noticed your band relaxing more as you put more wear into it?

    1. Yes, that’s true, even if I have not worn it so often since I bought it now I am able to wear it without the extender. However it is still tight and I can only wear it at the loosest hook. I don’t think it will become much looser with time, the fabric is really rigid. But I have tried the Rhea in a 30H, and while it was way too big in the cup, the band was not as tight as the Persia band. It was more comfortable. 🙂 I really hope your new bras will fit !

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