Playful Promises  was for a long time a non-affordable brand for me because of their size range and maybe also because of their prices. In fact, most of their styles was available in A-D and for some of them in A-F. I have to say that I was often tempted to cheat and to buy something like a 34F but as the price was high I couldn’t allow myself to do such a silly thing. So, when I heard about the new Playful Promises “Full bust range” it was like Christmas before time! My heart just stopped when I saw the Portia set… As soon as I put my eyes on this beauty, she was mine!

I fell for this colour! The pin-up aesthetic of this set was so unusual considering it was available in a G cup! I had to find a way to get it! Girls… When I found it 30% less expensive than the full price on Kiss Me Deadly I shamefully took it without hesitation (I am obviously lying as I can’t spend all my money buying lingerie…Student life…). Ok, I hesitated but I took it as well, praying for the fit to be as stunning in reality as it was in the Playful Promises shoots.

Playful Promises Portia
Ahaha! When the package arrived in the mailbox I could not have any regret and I stopped  quickly all my activities to try my new babe! No, it was not as beautiful on me as it was on Gia Genevieve (she is such a goddess!) but the cup volume was good and the color, the details, still gorgeous! Now I think it could be an amazing design for a strapless bra if the band had been more firm. I especially love the G-string as this cut is new for me. This set is one of my favourite sets of 2015. When I wear it I feel like a superheros with a secret identity (something like “Poison Wen, the blue pinup” (I wonder what kind of power a blue pinup could own…).

To be honest, even if the bra is supportive, the central gore doesn’t tack at the top but only at its bottom (take in consideration that I have close-set breasts ). A supergirl needs to fight and so it could be a problem unless she wants to distract the vilain with her neckline! However it is obvious that this set has not been made to be Wonder Woman armour! I think it is a gorgeous mix between a boudoir set and an everyday one so it is perfect for the quiet days when you have not to run everywhere and you just want to be as pretty as you can to face the small obstacles of the day.

Playful Promises full bust collection
I bought the bra in a 32G and the G-string in a Small. I think I made a great choice as the thong is just perfect for me and the bra fits me as well as a 32G can fit me. I mean, I would love to try a 30GG but this bra is still supportive and I don’t have any spillage so I can say that in the future I will buy other 32G from Playful Promises. I think this one would fit me better if I was more full on top  but I can’t complain, this bra is true-to-size.
However the main issue with this bra is the straps. The lovely ruched (thank you Estelle 🙂 ) straps… They are too long for my shoulders and semi-adjustable! That’s a shame because they are a part of this beautiful work and I do love them but, still, I really need smaller straps as they often fall on the side of my shoulders along the day.

Playful Promises full bust collection

You must think this review is a bit critical but you know, it is normal as this is a young range and it has to be improved just like every first try. But I have to say that I was very surprised when I tried the bra on. I was so afraid when I ordered it! 32G is generally a wrong size for me, especially in padded bras. Too small in the cup too big in the band! But this time no disappointment!
No quadbood, a supportive and quite comfy band (even if I wear it on the middle hook), every boob in its room ! The central gore doesn’t tack enough for my taste but my boobs can’t meet at the middle of the bra so it is not a huge issue (as it is not a real everyday bra), just something to improve.
Let’s talk about the details! I was the kind of kid who loved embossed books and I still love them as a young woman… I mean that my hand and my eyes love to discover unusual designs and fabrics especially if they are not flat. The cups of this bra are my favourite part of the set, and the lace on the top of the cups is a great idea! All these details give a modern vintage aesthetic that I just cherish. The two-third of the cup reminds me the bullet bras! This bra also gives a round shape under clothing.
The simplicity/complexity of the matching bottom is delightful and I think I would be sad if I had not bought the entire set. I would be glad to try the brief but as I didn’t knew my Playful Promises size I didn’t want to take the risk to deal with an awful VPL, and now that I’ve tried the Magdalene harness brief in a S I know that I can easily wear a M in this brand.

Playful Promises full bust collection


Well, Playful Promises is not a full bust brand so this effort to extend their size range is truly wonderful. These days I am lusting after their Rosa Barely there set as it includes the first quarter cup I’ve ever seen available to a G cup. I always thought that quarter cups was not for full bust women and now I am happy to see that I may be wrong.
Thank you PP, for giving the full bust gals the possibility to feel stunning in your adorable, sassy lingerie! I will definitely buy more from you!

Lot of love,

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11 Replies to “Playful Promises full bust collection: The Portia”

    1. Thank you, lovely! You are far too kind! I always want to cut the labels (as they spoil the beauty of transparent pieces) but I need them to remember what size is right or wrong for me in every brand I try, so I often keep them. But now that you talk about this, maybe I should have a note book with all the references of my lingerie acquisitions! I think I will do that and then cut them! Thank you for the idea! 🙂 <3

  1. It looks great, I’ve seen so many reviews of this set – it’s definitely a favourite with lingerie bloggers! Though personally I really love the Cordelia bra. It’s a shame their DD+ range is more expensive than their normal stuff or else I would have bought from it already, but I suppose it costs more to produce these larger sizes!

    P.S. I would call the straps ruched in English, from the French ruchées 🙂

    1. Thank you ! And yes this is very interesting to read different points of view on the same product. It helped me a lot in the past. Maybe there will be some very good sales in a few month ? The cordelia looks stunning with its black eyelash lace on the bottom and top of the cups. I especially like the red one. And I have not read any review about this set so if you try it, it will be nice to read yours 😊. Thank you for the word ! In French I would have said “plissées” but “ruchées” is definitely more specific. 🙂

  2. Oh, what are you talking about, you look RAVISHING in this set! <3 The panties look terrific and that round shape Portia bra gives is superb…and the color looks STUNNING on your skin tone as well! <3

    I'm also in love with the Rosa bra… but I wear 28FF/30F, so it won't do 🙁 baaaaaah, it's a stunner, gosh!

    kiss kiss
    My Fashion Insider

  3. Thanks for the positive feedback and helpful criticism. I will definitely make straps have greater adjustability next time.

    For some of the other comments in regards price, I know this collection is quite expensive but as it was a small trial our make cost was even higher than you would usually expect for the special fuller bust materials. However as this range has been a success for the next collection we are going to team it up with core sizing and curve sizing (curve another new one for us) and this size production run should help the pricing in future,
    Thanks Emma

    1. Thank you so much for taking your customers thoughts about your lingerie into consideration ! I can’t wait to see (and try) your next collections !

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