Yeaaaah! 😀 Ahaha! I am super excited today! Don’t ask why, I think it is a part of my personality… But here I am with a new Ewa Michalak set.
Since I have tried the Syrena, the S Glamour was in my firing line! I have been sooo happy to find it in the parcel from EM team with the S Mojito and the BM Naomi! So I saved the best for last 😀

Ewa Michalak provided this set free of charge for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

The Glamour set is basically princess lingerie. I didn’t know if it could go well with my skin color but finally the grey-taupe and light rose are neutral. They could go well with a lot of skin tones, in my opinion!
I didn’t know I could find a padded bra “dainty” before I saw the S Glamour! The lace of this set makes me think of the faeries universe. First because it shines in a discreet way, second because of the large flowers and the arcs between them. The superposition of this lace on the cups is just so cute! Look at the top of the cups! And the pink is so delicate!

I received this bra in a 65GG and the brief in a size 38 and for this set I think these sizes are the best for me. The other day I compared this bra with the S Mojito and realised that there was a difference in the sizing. Not a huge difference but the S Glamour cups are wider.

Ewa Michalak S bra
Well, I am definitely too full on the side for 80% 0f the bras, but I swear that all my breast tissue can be contain in these cups. The little side boob here is on my bigger breast and it can disappear through the day depending on… I don’t know what.

In fact, the S Mojito makes your boobs fronter but covers less the side of your chest. As I am extremely full-on side, that means that, while the Glamour contains all my breast tissue, I can get a little nip slip through the day with the S Mojito. Obviously only with my bigger breast. As I said in the S Mojito review, this bra is also more open at the top than the Syrena and the Glamour so, it can be also one of the nip slip reasons.
Nevertheless, this issue is something that only a few of you would get, I think because it is mostly because I have a big size difference between my boobs. Maybe a 65H could finally have been good with the S Mojito if I could put 2 pads in the cup of my smaller breast. ( When your body is weird…)
Anyway, the S Glamour can easily contain them both and no nip slip or anything. Just like the Syrena. At the end of the day, from the 3 sets I received this one is the one that fits me better.
The S bras always give a spectacular projection with their narrow wires. This one really makes your breasts up and front but doesn’t make them look huge. I appreciate that.
The straps are absolutely adorable! They are fully adjustable and the ruffled pink part is a great addition to the design of this bra. I love when brands pay attention to every part of a bra. Also, the band  has 4 sets of 3 hooks and eyes and makes this bra very secure and supportive.

Ewa Michalak S Glamour
Sorry for this picture but this is what happens to me with this brief after 10minutes wearing it, so I thought that was the more honest picture I could put.

The central gore is low, comfy, and tacks properly against my sternum. It also features a little bow with super cute pink bobbles!! I am very fond of this kind of detail.

The Glamour brief is just my type! The lace follows perfectly the curve of my butt and looks smooth under clothes. I love the symmetry in this lace, it is fine and delicate. I don’t know why this one is different from the one that you can buy on the website. But I think the satin and bow of the website one make it even more beautiful.
As you can see, my butt happily eats this brief most of the time but I think it is due to the shape of my butt because this thing happens with a LOT of panties. Basically with everything that is not a super wide coverage. However, this brief is comfortable and I like that it doesn’t give any muffin top or VPL.

Ewa Michalak S Glamour 65GG
The only thing I need to warn you about is that the elastic on the hips is not very extensible so every time I put this brief on I do it very carefully because when it is on my thighs level it seems to be too small and I feel like I could damage it. However it is the right size because when I go over this level, it is not tight at all on my hips. It looks just perfect until my butt eats it. Ahaha!
The front part is very cute too. I really love the satin in the center. It is slightly too wide for me but nothing really annoying. Everything in this brief looks lovely. (BOBBLES!!!<3)

This was a very long and happy review, I know. But I am just so glad I own this set! I am in a feminine vibe these days and this babe is so girly! 😀

I hope it’s sunny in your part of the world! If not, keep smiling <3


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8 Replies to “Ewa Michalak S Glamour 65GG”

  1. That bra is really lovely.
    I have have to say, I’ve been checking in on your blog for a while and it’s really fantastic. Your measurements aren’t miles off my own so your reviews are really helpful. Your Playful Promises Miranda review was so positive I bought myself one in the sale, and it’s the best thing ever.
    I look forward to more in the future!

    1. Thank you very much! You can’t imagine how happy I am to hear that! <3 Aaah and I am glad that you like the Miranda, it is one of my favourite "unpractical" bra 😀 ! So cute and sexy at the same time! And good fitting! I wanted to buy the blue one this month in the sale but I had to resist… :'( Lingerie diet…
      Hope you find your lingerie happiness 🙂



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