Dear readers, today I take a break from my Polish drama to talk about something that goes really well with the weather: a bikini! I have to say that swimwear and I didn’t get along for years! I told you before that I spend a very long time in the Caribbean. Well, during this period of time I spent 3 years avoiding being half-nacked on the beach.
The problem was that I couldn’t find any cute swimwear in my size and I didn’t feel comfortable in my body wearing these horrible sport swimsuits that flatten the breasts and are not glamorous at all. So I simply decided to avoid being in a situation where I would have to swim or to be in the sea.

Lilly & Lime Chevron Bikini

Last year I bought for the first time some swimsuits that fitted me perfectly and from this time I realized that I really loved the sun, the beach and obviously, the bikinis.
So I was super happy when the nice team of Lilly & Lime a new Australian label asked me if I was interested in trying one of their amazing products!
If you don’t know it yet, Lilly & Lime is specialized in swimwear for full-bust women from 28D to 38HH and I think such a wide size range is impressive for a young brand!

Lilly & Lime Chevron Bikini
Lilly & Lime generously provided this bikini. As usual all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I had to choose between 3 shapes of bikini tops : Full cup, Underwire Halter and Balconette, which is more like a strapless bikini. As I have always been curious of how a strapless bikini can suit me ( very often I have seen strapless bras and bikinis slip and occasionally show some shy nipples on the beach or at some parties ^^) I opted for the Chevron balconette top. This colorway looked so cute and refreshing I couldn’t resist!

Fit and construction

So I received this bikini top in a 30GG and the Chevron hipster tie in a size 10.
The top is made like a three-parts strapless bra. I would not say that it makes your boobs front and up. It is kind of minimizing with a discreet projection. Some of you may like that, some other should get another shape of top if you really want some sexy cleavage.
What I like with this bikini is that it surprisingly fits well my high, close-set full on side breasts. I was afraid that they could be some side spillage but not at all.

Lilly & Lime Chevron Bikini

I find the 30GG to be pretty true to size (even if I gain some weight) but I think I could have been happy with a 28H too because when I wear the top strapless the band is a little too loose for me. In fact, with the straps it seems to be the perfect size for me. The straps are fully adjustable and very easy to put on and remove, the wires are well situated for my roots and the central gore is kind of narrow. But even if the gore tacks gently, it can move a little bit when I wear the top strapless. That said, this top remains very comfortable and doesn’t slip.
I am very full on bottom but I would say that if you are full on top the balconette is not for you.

Lilly & Lime Chevron Bikini

The coordinate

The bottom is really cheeky and low rise. I am not very used to that with bikinis but it’s nice. The only issue is that the front part is too big for me while the back is small (well, not too small but very cheeky as I said before…). I like the side ties, I think they make this bottom even cuter! The pattern is just adorable. One of my friends told me that it reminds her of the vintage swimwear of the 50’s with Vichy pattern. I feel the same about it. This pattern could make any gal look like a sweet modern pin-up (with some girly accessories).

Lilly & Lime Chevron Bikini
As you can see the cups spread my breasts a little. It’s different from what I am used to but for once, I think it’s not that bad. 🙂

It’s weird to take bikini pictures on a black bed but this is what you have to do when you can’t go to the beach :'(. I really need to try this bikini in the sea anyway! I don’t know when I will be able to do that but there is still some swimming pools here so when the weather get hotter I think I will get a better idea of how this cutie reacts to the water and a lot of movements!

Have you already got your bikini for this summer? 😀 Will you go to the beach?

I am personally super excited about July, it is hard to stay focus on school when the sun is shining outside!

With all my love,


UPDATE: During my trip to Miami, I realized that my bikini top has a little manufacturing defect. Weirdly, one of the wires is wide, and the other one is more like a U (so, it is narrow and the cup looks deeper). I apologize for not having noticed this detail earlier. Now I wonder if they were supposed to be narrow or wide… Until this point I thought they were both wide. But one of my fellow bloggers said that her top (the exactly same style as mine in a smaller size) has narrow wires, so hopefully it is the right answer to my question.

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  1. That color and pattern looks amazing against your skin! I’m driving my attention to full bust swimwear too, I’ve tried some Panache Swim and Cleo Swim newest models and I’m also waiting for a Lilly & Lime full cup bikini! Fingers crossed!

    kiss kiss
    My Fashion Insider

    1. Thank you very much ! Never tried Panache swimwears but they are super cute !!!Hope your Lilly & Lime bikini will fit well ! 😁 Can’t wait for reading your review !



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