This is one of these days when I feel like I have a lot of energy to release and ideas to write down. I recently received some sets from Ewa Michalak and I have to say that I am very grateful to have the opportunity to review this babes. Today (as every time when I am writing a review) I am happy. I thought that the Mohito set could match my mood very well!
I was very surprised when I opened the box and found this one. I had never seen it in Ewa website and the color was so bright! I have to admit that I usually don’t like super-floral lace but the color got me from the first time I put this bra on!

Ewa Michalak push up
This set has been sent to me free of charge to be reviewed. All thoughts and opinion are my own.

The team of Ewa Michalak sent me the bra in a 65GG and the coordinate in a size 38/S.
Even if I put on weight (thank you stress eating) the set suits me pretty well in my usual size and without the pad my smaller breast is too small for the cup so I think I couldn’t size up. Well, I think it runs a little bit smaller than the Syrena or maybe it is the shape of the cup that is more open at the top.
The blue of this set is brighter in person and I find the light blue straps and bows very refreshing! The Mohito is definitely a nice summer set!

Since I discovered the S cut I am more likely to wear padded bras on a daily basis. I usually feel more comfortable with unpadded bras because they are lighter and more discreet. Don’t get me wrong! I am not saying that EM S bras make your boobs discreet, they actually do the opposite. But the way they make my boobs look, the way they hold them firmly and always in the right place, while they look incredible under clothes make me love to wear them anytime. I can do anything, I don’t feel like I have to worry about my breasts and I feel like I look so feminine and sexy… Aaaah I love them.

Ewa Michalak S Mohito set
As you can see the Mohito provides a lot of projection and uplift. I also love how low the central gore is because my breasts can  live their live without being hurt or unaturally separated. The wires are narrow and comfortable just like the rest of the bra.
While my boobs seem to be pushed up they are still very securely hold as I said before and I really feel secure in this bra. It is very supportive.
The band is wide and features 4 sets of three hooks and eyes like the Syrena and every new EM bras I’ll review later. I think it is a great idea, since it makes the band more adjustable and extends the life of a bra. Oh and for those who are not used to EM bras, the S Mohito features removable pads, so if like me you have a big difference between your boobs, you can correct it putting 1 or 2 pads in the cup of your smaller breast. Obviously if your boobs are quite equal, the pads can also give you a little more cleavage😉 .
I love the straps of this bra, first because of the color and second because they are just at the right place on my shoulder and never slip. They are wide and comfy.

Ewa Michalak S Mohito
I think this color and my jellyfish hair make me look like some kind of weird/cute mermaid.

About the thong! Aaaah guys! This is my favourite cut of thong. I do think that Ewa Michalak thongs have always an elegant cut. I don’t really like it when thongs are too thin and cover nothing. As my favourite kind of bottom is the shorty, I think this one is a lovely hybrid. The 38 is definitely the right size for me. This is a really comfy thong! The lace follows my curves in a very nice way and there are bows everywhere! x) One on the back, two on the front.

In my opinion, this set wears its name very well actually! The light blue of the straps and bows remind of me the ice we put in a glass of mojito (:D I love mojitos) and the blue-green of the lace reminds me of the mint. All of these make me think about summer!❤

Ewa Michalak S Mohito
I think I don’t look happy like that so often but these days I feel good so I want to share my mood with you, hopefully it is contagious!
Overall I can say that this set is cute and nice to wear! I had nothing similar in my wardrobe before so I am very happy with it. It is not available on the brand website yet but I think you’ll be able to find it very soon!

UPDATE : The S Mohito is now available on Ewa Michalak website !!

All my love,


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5 Replies to “Ewa Michalak S Mohito review”

  1. This is stunning on you! I love when a lingerie set so clearly gives joy 🙂 Ewa Michalak really is a magician for those of us with difficult sizes! I love the color of this set as well (and mojitos). I wish I wasn’t on a lingerie spending ban!

    1. Oh wow sorry for the delay ! Thank you so much ! Yes this color really makes me happy ! It is not the first set I would have bought by myself but I am happy to have it now ! Ahah and I also love mojitos ! 😁
      To be honest I am on a lingerie diet too and it is terrible at this time of the year ! 😣



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