I have to take a break from lingerie shows to talk about the most delicate piece I actually own. I received it last month from Sacha Kimmes , a talented indie designer based in Belgium, for the purpose of a review. Some other pieces will come later but today I want to focus on this so perfect skirt from her La Sylphide collection.
La Sylphid is a mythological creature, usually represented as a tiny fairy and considered as an air spirit because it is supposed to be as invisible as this element… This cute creature also inspired a legendary romantique ballet piece from the XIXth century. Knowing that, I feel like no other name would have been better for this collection.


To be honest, I have always been curious of Sacha Kimmes adorable skirts. Lingerie is usually seen as bras, panties, stockings, bodysuits, slips and gowns. But skirts? Skirts are nowadays more worn as outerwear than underwear. We no longer wear petticoats on a daily basis… Except, perhaps some lovely modern pin-ups.
So I think this unusual idea of adding skirts to her collections gives another option to the art of styling your underwear. I see this skirt as a way to change a set in a bodysuit in a sens. And for lingerie collectors, it just helps to make everything complet! :p


In La Sylphide collection, no suspender belt, but for those of you who use suspenders only for the bedroom I think this piece can actually provide a playful touch to a basic lingerie set. Marie skirt is basically a white shadow (if such a thing existed) which hiding and showing at the same time, adds some mystery and innocence to the ensemble…

The lace used in this collection is just the loveliest thing ever and the contrast between the black elastic and bow and the white lace makes me fall in love at every sight. This lace does not stretch, however, which is not an issue for a skirt but could help you to choose your size for another piece. Seriously, I am not even into floral stuff but this piece just looks fairy. I like those flowers are not everywhere on this lace. Sleeves just make it more elegant. The quality is also noticeable and I think this skirt is less fragile than it looks. Well, I don’t say that you can play soccer with it but it won’t crake at the first clumsy move if you use it like any other garment. This lace is quite firm.


That said, I am super happy every time I put this piece on and just want to wheel all around my apartment and show it to everybody… 🙈 Yes… I think this has to be shown. I am actually thinking of wearing it as outerwear but I would need to find an opaque short skirt and try some layerings (someone gave me the idea on Instagram… Lingerie lovers get so creative these days… ❤).

Marie skirt is available on Sacha Kimmes website but I think she only has a few of them left at the moment and can’t make more. It is actually very sad because I can’t get enough of this collection… This aesthetic is so angelic while everything is definitely sexy. And nothing is never vulgar. I find it quite perfect aesthetically-wise. Well, it is a personal opinion (yeah, I’m in love)!

I hope you take some time for yourself and take advantage of the sun!

Bisou bisou !

Wen. ❤

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  1. This is SO gorgeous!! The Sacha Kimmes skirts are one of my “one day I will own this” items that I haven’t managed to purchase yet but it is rapidly moving up my priority list with this post – it looks beautiful on you, so dainty! I agree with you on the confusion of skirts as lingerie, but I just can’t help but want to own one anyway – I think I would just flit around in it at home all day long 😀

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