This summer has been overwhelming… I met a lot of people, travelled more than usual, and spent a lot of money in pastries, while I had a really hard time finding the time for the blog and getting in touch with you. It is weird to go back to my student life, but well, I have no choice and in a sens, I am happy to be able to review the amazing pieces that crossed my way this summer.

FOXERS boxer
I  received these items free of charge for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own.

I had the opportunity to receive some samples from Foxers , a young lingerie and lounge wear brand known for their androgynous designs. I think the brand is much more girly now that it was at the beginning but you can still find some really “manly” underwear for women and in this sens, I find them really cool.
I used to be a tomboy and believe it or not at some point I hated lingerie. And anything too feminine. They used to make me uncomfortable. At this time of my life I just wanted to wear bralettes and cotton shorties but obviously my body didn’t go in the right direction for that…

So obviously one of my favourite items in Foxers selection was the Tomboy Charcoal boxer brief.
First, I adore when girl panties have this wide elastic that is usually used for men underwear. Second, I love the Charcoal colorway. It is like the “jean” of colorways, going well with everything.

boxer shorts
I received the Tomboy Charcoal boxer brief in a size M.

I actually really like men underwear. I think they should never neglect this aspect of clothing. First, it can make them look elegant without clothes, and also very sexy/cute. ( I’m laughing on my own right now.) Oh and, of course, a guy boxer can really give a lot of info about his owner. I do think it is an important garment. 🙂
So I like boxers. They look comfy and secure. Also I have always been jealous of men for the fact that they can go all around any place in boxers without looking too weird but us girls always have to wear pants or we’d look provocative. Foxers Tomboy brief is my type of garment for lounging around in my apartment without looking like an exhibitionist in front of my roommates. I also like that this piece is not girly at all. You can find it in much more girly colorways, and even the Charcoal option has a girly twin with a little bow on the back and some discreet gold stitching. But I really wanted the less girly brief possible. I think it is really nice that Foxers offers this option. I know not everybody likes lace and bows and even if I do like both of them I also like some more masculine options sometimes. They make me feel free.FOXERS Tomboy Boxer

I am happy that Foxers team sent me this bottom in a size Medium cause I think my thighs and butt wouldn’t fit in a smaller size. This one is very comfy and I’ve felt like wearing it all the time since I got it. My only issue with this piece is its thickness. This is definitely not the right option for tight jeans or shorts… To be honest I’ve been wearing this brief under some flared skirts and shorts but the only time I tried to wear it with a pair of jean, I felt like I was wearing a short under a pant. Not really comfortable, then. However the positive point is that the cut of this piece is not high enough to give any VPL ( visible panty line).
I think this short can be worn has a pajama short. I tried to wear it over a regular panty and it really works as a pajama bottom. It could be even more comfortable for those of you who like to feel secure in their pelvis area. I mean, this brief is less close to your pelvis than a regular one, meaning that you can feel like this part of your body is more “free” in a sens but that can be an issue for some people I think.

FOXERS Tomboy Boxer

Oh! About the design! Did you notice that this brief has pockets? Real pockets? Ahaha! I don’t know what I could put inside but they are funny. (I recently heard that guys actually use these kind of pockets sometimes… They apparently have small items to put inside… I personally think of carrying some candies… :p ). I really like the white branded elastic that you can see from the inside. I know details that are invisible from the outside can seem “useless” but if we are the only one seeing our lingerie, then it is almost as useful to make it nice from the inside as from the outside, don’t you think? I also like that, from the outside you only have a discreet logo on the back. I find it more elegant this way.

This tomboy brief is made 92%from cotton and 8% from spandex which is nice because my skin is getting much more sensitive since I live in Canada, and sometimes I do like the feeling of cotton on my butt. I think that would also make it more resistant than other pieces of lingerie in the washing machine, even if I’ve always washed it by hands like any other panty. 🙂

Tomboy Boxer review

Are you curious about the shirt I am wearing in those pictures? 🙂 This is another Foxers sample that I’ll review as soon as possible. Just didn’t want you to fall asleep reading a double review :p .

Hope you had a nice summer! I am not sure if I am ready to fill my brain with school stuff again, but well, nobody is going to pay for my lingerie if I don’t get a job after uni x).
Good luck to my fellow students! 🙂 Remember to eat and sleep.



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