Hey, guys! 🙂 Hope you are fine and that the weather is not too cold in your part of the world! <3
These past weeks have been hectic and I have to say that I wonder how I find the energy to keep going… Especially since I ruined my laptop. I realized after this terrible episode that I spend like 16h/day with this soldier and it never let me down. So now that I have to write this post on an awfuly slow notebook with a French keyboard which I am not used to anymore life is not so fun.

Lovehoney Flaunt Me
**I received these pieces free of charge for the purpose of a review, all thoughts and opinions are mines.**

But well, lingerie still cheers me up and I know everything could be worst (like having to write this post on my cellphone for example…).
So, I’m super happy to introduce to you Lovehoney lingerie! If you are not very familiar with this brand, Lovehoney could be described as a website specialized in sexuality related products.  They are well known for their sextoys and have also a lot of other accessories that are basically made to cheer your sexual life up.
I admit that I am usually a bit skeptical when it comes to lingerie with this type of brands since I can be kind of obsessed with fit sometimes and they never make my size.

Lovehoney Flaunt Me
However, the lovely Krista gave me the choice between their whole Lovehoney selection and I finally found some things that piqued my curiosity.
First of all, let me tell you about my gown obsession… I think I don’t have enough bodies for all of them but I keep getting more just because they make me feel sooo elegant and classy even when nobody is looking 😀 .
When I saw the Flaunt me robe I loved it pretty much at the first sight. It definitely looked very sensual for something that is supposed to wrap you up! To coordinate this robe, I chose something that is the absolute opposite of my personality: a cupless bodysuit.
The Flaunt Me body  caught my attention because I wanted to know since forever if something like that could look good on me. I always thought that this type of pieces looked better on small busted women because they provide no support.

Lovehoney Flaunt Me
But now that I have learnt much more about body love I think the concept of the perky, round and “medium” sized breasts as the only type that can look good enough to be allowed to go braless (or cupless) is a sad and stupid concept. SO… I definitely love my body in this bodysuit and I imagine that a lot of women would feel amazing wearing it!

But let’s back on track!
I received the bodysuit in a size Medium. Overall I think it is the best size for me with this piece since the “cups” would have been too narrow in a size smaller. I found this part surprisingly flattering for something that is not made to provide support. It might be because the lines around the breasts give a more structured look.

I forgot to mention it earlier but it is also crotchless! Ahah! This is a very discret detail but I guess it is still an important one! Actually, it is the first real crotchless item I own and I thought it would feel weird but strangely enough it feels quite normal since you still feel the elastics of the crotch part. They give the illusion of wearing something but… Nope, it doesn’t cover your more intimate part.
This piece also gives a good coverage to the butt without being too much and I like these cute ruched details on the back!  🙂

cupless bodysuit

The fabric looks nice and is quite soft against the skin. It is very comfortable to wear and not alike some bodysuits it doesn’t become annoying in the crotch part through the time. I might be because of its stretchness and the fact that you cannot open it.
The lace is also very light! I like the simplicity of the design and I think it could be layered pretty easily. I am not very good at layering though, but with the picture above I just wanted to give the most shy of you an alternative to wear it.

I love the removable suspenders!🙌 I wanted a bodysuit with suspenders for a long time too so this piece really meets my expectations. I find it to be able to hold my stockings up even when I cheat and wear hold ups instead, everything stays in place ( it is not really easy to put the thick elastic bands of hold ups into suspenders clips but well, once it is done, it works).

lace bodysuit

The Flaunt Me robe also wears its name pretty well! I love its collar and I think it is another reason why I choose this piece! I think it makes it look more finished. The wide satin belt totally complete the look and adds some kind of elegance to it.

I noticed that the collar and the cuffs of this robe, however, are made from a different lace than the”body”part . While I think it is part of the design, since the collar needs to be made from a more sturdy fabrics to keep its shape, I would have loved a softer fabric for these elements. I am not saying that it is awfully uncomfortable, it doesn’t itch or anything but it is just not the most pleasant feeling against the skin.

Nevertheless, the bigger part of the robe is still nice to wear and I do it everytime I want to feel a little bit more girly than usual. I love that it hides without hiding and compliments the body as well. Mine is a one size fits all but also exists in a Plus Size version. (Here the Plus size version of the body)

I think Lovehoney really tried to make this piece look feminine and sexy but they also paid attention to details which is great considering their price range.
So they give you the possibility to build your boudoir with nice looking pieces at affordable prices. The quality in my opinion is comparable to what you can find in stores like La Senza or Victoria Secret.

cupless bodysuit
To summerize, the Flaunt Me range makes me feel like a burlesque doll, and I like being out of my comfort zone once in a while. Playing another character is not that bad 🙂

Oh and if you speak French or just want to have an idea of the bodysuit on a different body -> go check Mlle Caroline review!

What do you think of those pieces? Would you dare to wear something like this bodysuit under regular clothes? :p

Yours truly,


PS: Lovehoney also has UK and Canadian websites 🙂




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  1. I got to take a look at some Lovehoney press samples a while back, and this bodysuit was my favourite! The lace is lovely right? And I agree with you about the lines on cupless items giving a more ‘structured’ look that actually looks great. I don’t own any cupless stuff but I tried on a cupless bra once and was so surprised at how good it looked haha, I was expecting to hate it!

  2. In another recent Blog you wrote: These days I am reflecting on my future and I get really anxious… Science is a weird uncertain path but it’s also what I have been doing for the past 5 years… I feel lost and it’s hard to think clearly. Also having too many nightmares… 😩 Hopefully it’s just a period. — I think you might like to learn about a poet called Peter Redgrove, he was a scientist and poet (and my tutor for a while at Art School) he wrote a book on menstruation (a taboo topic for lots of people) called The Wise Wound with is wife who was also a poet.

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