White has never been my favorite color. I mean, it always reminded me of wedding and purity. Which are probably nice stuff but sounds definitely too serious for me. However last summer, I was in a weird period of changes and I decided to get new colors in my drawers since it is filled at 80% with black pieces. You probably don’t realize it because most of the lingerie samples I receive are colored but when I buy things for myself, most of the time I go for the black option. It always makes me feel more comfortable. Also, even if that doesn’t influence my choice, it makes lingerie laundry super easy.

[These pieces have been sent to me, free of charge for the purpose of a review, this doesn’t affect my opinions.]

However when I saw the new Caprice colorway, I particularly liked the delicacy of the lace, the very discreet transparency of the fabrics and maybe the fact that it looked nothing like what I am used to. It is princess lingerie.

While I love lingerie that makes me feel like a queen, I have never seen myself as a princess. I mean, I am not a cute, girly person. I just started feeling feminine like 3 years ago. I haven’t had a pink period. I don’t think the 5 years old Wen was girly either. So I wanted to try something different. And overall, I like it!

I received the bras in a 60L and the panty in a Medium.

I have to say, that the difference between this set and the other Avocado sets I tried is big but I am starting to figure out some things which might help you to find your size.
First, I always needed a 60L in the RV bras I tried (except the Lorca that runs really big because of the stretchy lace at the top of the cup). And I think  all the other cuts are deeper so it might be more or less possible to size down compare to the RV cut. Also, this range is made from non stretchy fabrics. Take this in consideration if you consider sizing down.

Caprice RV is a 3 part balconnet which provides almost a full coverage. I thought I would prefer the HCT cut since I love the shape half cup bras give to the breasts, but finally I think the RV is my favorite fit wise. The lovely gold embroidery looks like jewels on the skin, thanks to the transparent mesh. Also the full coverage is beautifully balanced by this transparency. I am surprised by how much I like it.

The pleats alongside the lace makes the ensemble looks just neat while the embroidery gives a luxurious touch.

The gore is so amazingly narrow and tacks without hurting me. It is one of the rare Avocado sets I have seen with a bow on the gore, but I think this time it is just appropriate considering the very feminine design.
As usual, the straps are not left behind and feature the same stripes than the lower part of the cups. They are very wide and comfortable.

The cups are definitely deep, although the wires are very very wide. My roots are too narrow and high situated for these wires to follow perfectly my inframmary fold. Note that I don’t have particularly narrow roots, my breasts are rather wide, which is a plus in that case, since I still fill the bra except a space on the side. This doesn’t make it bad for me, it is more an aesthetic detail since the wires are not annoying otherwise.
This bras feels very secure and the band sits nicely. The fabric used for the band and back of the brief is super soft and comfy. I have got this bra in August and I have to warn you that sizing up in the band (or at least, don’t size down like me) should be more comfortable. I wear it comfortably now but at the beginning I really found it to be tight.

The HCT cut is very different either in the construction, fit or sizing.
I admit that I have been wondering if a 60K would fit me since I got the bra, but have also been scared that it would be too small considering how I filled the bottom of the cup. However, I have lost weight since this summer and I think I could probably fit in a size smaller. A 60K would probably fit and give me some cleavage.
I think this cut is even to full on top friendly while the RV cut, more closed at the top is very full on bottom and side friendly.

In this size, the cups do cover my breast a lot more than the Chamade HC and even more, than the Caprice RV cut. It might be a question of sizing but I think even a size smaller would provide a lot of coverage compared to a usual half cup bra.
I consider this bra as a different style. It is beautiful and I think, is a good alternative for those who don’t like the sheerness of the RV cut. (Younger I used to hate this type of designs that show half of the nipples in diagonal… Well, I was a very modest-padded- bras kind of gal)
The striped part is much more present here and the embroidery gives a more subtle jewelry effect. I like that. I really like that it looks more like a detail than a big part of the cup construction, making the bra look like a 2-parts cup while it does have 3-parts.

Once again, you can see the very narrow gore, which is rather high ( around 0.8cm higher than the RV gore) and tacks firmly. When I first put it on in the morning everything is ok but, I think because of its height, I feel it too much for my taste, through the day. That said, it is amazingly narrow and doesn’t bother my close set breasts.
The edge of the cup is a little bit too close from my armpit. I think this issue would be solved with a smaller size, though. I am a little bit annoyed that I didn’t send it back with the 1st HC which was too big, but my breasts were fuller this summer, so I had big doubts about the fact that one size smaller would fit. However, those facts don’t prevent me from wearing it and I still find it to be a very elegant bra.

Avocado Caprice
I think I love the shape it gives more than the RV shape. While the RV gives a rounded but pretty natural shape, the HCT should be very appreciated among ladies who love a very uplift, and literally round shape for their breasts.
I don’t think I own anything so round that is not padded. Maybe the Tutti Rouge Nichole but I am not even sure. Anyway, I love it. It is a good alternative to padded bras when you just need their shape.
I know the white colorway really looks like bridal lingerie but on me, I just don’t see it that way. However, I think the black colorway is amazing and would be a better everyday bra.

Avocado: Caprice
Can we talk about this brief? Well, I think it is the first bikini brief I have seen that actually wears its name properly. I just feel like some brands or stores just call “bikini” whatever brief which doesn’t (but sometimes does) provide a lot of butt coverage.
This panty was initially sent to me in a size Small which was too small. The Medium is definitely better but it is so low rise that it barely sits on my hips. I wouldn’t go for a Large because I think the front and back part does have enough fabric but my pelvis is apparently too narrow for the front part to fit me perfectly. I think the full brief would fit me better. However, the design is super cute. I mean, seriously, the embroidery on the side is lovely, I wish it could be stretchy and sit higher but I love the design of the brief itself. Also, the back of the brief feels amazingly soft and is actually stretchy enough to be butt friendly.
Avocado: Caprice
So I decided to end this post with this (not very professional) montage, in order to show you the difference between these bras and also, give you a close up of its delicate details.
I think these colors would go especially well with brown skin gals but as you can see on Avocado pictures, it looks equally good on lighter skin tones.

What do you think of white lingerie? Is it something that you would only reserve for special occasion?

Hope winter is not too tough on you, guys! Seriously, I am turning into a bear in hibernation…



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