This post was supposed to come out like 2 months ago but to be honest, this Autumn, I think I went to the gym like 3 times and didn’t really felt inspired to write about sportswear. I didn’t treat my body that well either, sleeping like 5hours every night and eating only because I had too. I was constantly overwhelmed and didn’t have a second for myself.
Now I have slept a lot during the holidays and while I am writing I feel sore and it hurts when I sneeze. I still have a poor alimentation because 2016 just erased my food education but at least I am not a zombie anymore.

Sports bra

The first reason why I went back to the gym is that it gives me energy, and helps me feel in control of my disorganized life. It really helps me not giving up when I am fed up with everything.
Also, sportswear can be SO motivating😂! Ahaha I always feel like wearing a sport crop top and leggings just to lounge around! If sport leggings were not that expensive I would have a way bigger collection. They always make me feel great.

[I received this bra free of charge for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own.]Royce Impact Free Sports bra

That said, I am always glad to try a new sport bra and today I will introduce to you the most comfy sports bra I have tried so far: Royce Impact Free sport bra.
I received this bra in a 32G since Royce lingerie doesn’t sell 30GG so I wear the bra at the second set of hooks. I would say that this bra is a little bit generous in the “cup”. I would not size down because my breasts are very full-on side and I wouldn’t like it to cut in my breasts but I think volume-wise, I could probably fit in a size smaller. It is not a certitude, though.
I personally really like the design of this bra, because it is simple yet feminine and easy to match. Plus it looks more like a crop top than a bra so I totally see myself running outside only wearing it and my leggins next summer.

Royce Impact Free Sports bra

This bra is incredibly comfy. I really like the band part because it sits perfectly and gives a secure sensation while not feeling too present. I mean, I don’t like the sensation of a super tight elastic around my ribs, or thick underwires digging in. This band is thick but does it jobs gently. I could sleep in it for sure.
I also like the fact that it has no wires but doesn’t give a too weird shape. Of course it does separate the breasts but not dramatically (at least in my opinion) and it looks good enough under shirts.

The straps are wide and comfortable but I wish they were shorter since I already shorten them close to the maximum. The band features 3 sets of hooks and eyes and I find the construction to be fine. The weight of my breasts is well distributed and I can forget about them while working out.

Royce Impact Free Sports bra

However, I wouldn’t say that this bra is perfect for every type of sport. It would definitly be good for yoga, workout, boxing, or even cycling (depending in what type of land) but I used it for running and although it was not uncomfortable I did feel my breasts bounce more than I’d like.
I can still run with it, you know, it isn’t like running with a poor bralette but I was surprised because I am used to no bouncing at all with padded sport bras (or a slightly too small unpadded sport bra which definitely compressed my breasts but that I kept using for years and which finally grew with me… It is not a recommended practice though…).
I think if you are not a very fast runner, and you just like hiking, or jogging then it is a nice bra but the faster you go the less I can guarantee the Impact free effect.

Royce Impact Free Sports bra

In a nutshell, I used this bra every time I worked out since I received it and I wasn’t disappointed. I like that it is not bulky, and is very light weight compared to a padded sport bra. It is soft against the skin (100% cotton <3 ) and feels sporty, secure and somehow cute. I don’t like a lot of colors on my sport bras so for me a totally black bra is fine but the small touch of pink on this one is nice.

If you want to see this bra on another body and in another colorway, the lovely H Cup Chronicles reviewed it here!


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