I have had a hard time writing lately but I am actually pretty excited about Avocado Fall/Winter release this year. The brand went for shiny embroidery and luxuriously thin tulle and I can’t get enough of it. The style I am going to introduce today is Varsovie.

This style is inspired by Warsaw, the capital and largest city of Poland. Varsovie actually means Warsaw in French. I really wish I had visited that city. It seems to be very pretty and charming for those who love European history and buildings. 

[ I received this set as a gift from Avocado lingerie. All thoughts and opinions are my own.Photo credit: Bruno Balmokoun]
avocado varsovie


Aesthetically, Varsovie is one of my favorite Avocado sets. This design looks, sleek, modern and also different from what I usually see in lingerie, even from the brand itself. No floral lace or embroidery. I love this singular piece.
For some reason it reminds me of history, as this city has gone through a lot and had to be reconstructed. Now it’s beautiful and this embroidery is shining.avocado varsovie 60h

As you can see, I received this bra in the HCQ pattern but it also exists in the classic NF cut. Both patterns look insanely gorgeous in my opinion and I think they are perfect for the holiday season (and every season). The details and finishes are neat and I love how the brand used golden elastics and fine tulle on this collection. I personally received a sample that features a less transparent tulle than the final product and yet it’s already so lovely.

avocado varsovie AW19

The fit

Fit wise, this bra is pretty great. I am currently a UK 30G (sometimes 30FF) and I wear a 60H. This is my usual Avocado size, which means the brand is very consistent. Avocado HCQ bras feature very narrow wires, maybe a bit narrower than my breasts need as they are rather wide and full on side. However, this narrowness helps with the fact that I am not very full on top. Basically this pattern makes my breasts look full and uplifted.In 60H, Avocado Varsovie features thin straps and 3 sets of 2 hooks and eyes at the back. This bra features rather short straps. As you can see on the picture above, the straps are set pretty “loose” which means that if you breasts are rather low set I would suggest to go up a band size and down a cup size. Sister sizing to your biggest band size often helps with straps length in my experience. 
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My breasts are rather high set so the wires are sitting slightly below my inframmamary fold. In the above picture it seems that I have some unfilled room in the cup but I think it’s mostly due to not adjusting the bra properly at the beginning of the shoot. My breasts fully fill the cups and I wouldn’t go down a size. 

The coordinate

The coordinate I received is the hispter brief in size XS. It’s definitely the right size for me and a very comfortable pair of underwear. I love that the front part of the brief is made of embroidery tulle and is sheer all over. The back is made of beige microfiber and has a triangle cut out. It’s rather low rise and provides full coverage at the back. Avocado coordinates are honestly super comfortable.
The only thing I wish was different is the back of their brief, as they tend to give me slight VPL. A mesh back or lazer cut would definitely make a difference. Though I also love their thongs. This set is part of my lingerie rotation for months now and still looks as good as new. I really love that Avocado uses durable material even on their delicate pieces. Often luxury also means fragile but Avocado lingerie is fairly sturdy even when it’s dainty.

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  1. That Avocado Varsovie HCQ lingerie set looks beautiful! I love the design and appearance of the shiny embroidery as well as the fit and the over all look. I also love the look of the seams and fit of the back panel of the hipster brief. Very pretty!

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