So the world is on lockdown and many of our projects are getting postponed or canceled. People are being unreasonable, whether they buy all the toilet paper for themselves or going out in the street spreading and catching germs while it’s forbidden. But it’s not the end of the world yet and I hope you lovelies are holding up. I found myself trapped in this situation, being unable to get back to my life in Canada. I know very well that if another tiny piece of stress goes through my body I am going to get sick and it won’t help anybody nor myself. So today we’re relaxing. I am fortunate enough to have the sun on my side and I will use its light has much as possible.

[This set was gifted to me. Avocado didn’t require a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]


Stardust is a word that has been fairly used to name lingerie collections. I love to see every brand interpretation of it. It often refers to shiny embroidery, light tulle, and other delicacies… Avocado’s Stardust range is probably my favorite from their new release. The blue and silver embroidery is really amazing. It looks so light and delicate laid over the skin. The taupe microfiber and tulle compliment the embroidery very well. We often think of stars as some gold yellowish entities (although they are naturally nothing like the start emoji), but I love this grey-ish interpretation.
I have to get better at close up shots really. But this embroidered tulle is really stunning. First because Avocado used a very thin tulle that is one of the most transparent I have encountered. It’s impressive for a full bust bra in this size range. For those who don’t know Avocado HCQ and NF have a size range from 60-70 E to L cup, 75-80 C to J and 85-95C to F and sister sizes in between. These are European sizes, not to confuse with French sizes. Avocado coordinates go from XS to XXL.


I received a 60H and a Small. This size fits me very well. I would say that I am in-between sizes because my right breast is smaller than the left one. Nevertheless, this is really the best size if I don’t want to see spillage on my fuller side. I have high roots so most wires don’t sit perfectly on my inframammary fold but this bra works pretty well.
HCQ is my favorite Avocado shape because it seems perfect for both full on bottom and full on top breasts. It’s a very versatile pattern with just enough stretch at the top of the cup. The central gore isn’t too high and is comfortable enough. The band is firm and the straps are fully adjustable.
I received the high waisted brief in a size Small which is my usual size. Going back to the design, I wish this brief had a mesh back instead of microfiber. It would suit very well this beautiful embroidery. Now Avocado’s brief are some of my favorite ones for comfort and everyday wear, but a mesh back would help with VPL and would really be lovely. Stardust is definitely a great set that suits every season. Light enough for Summer, neutral enough for Winter and elegant enough for everything in between. I am glad I took the time to shoot it before leaving Guadeloupe. Being stuck at home doesn’t mean not making the best out of the day. <3

What do you think of Avocado lingerie? What’s your favorite cut?

Love always,

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4 Replies to “Avocado Stardust HCQ set review (60H & S)”

  1. That Avocado Stardust lingerie set looks beautiful!
    I love the embroidery, the detail, the look of the cups and straps,
    and the looks of the full-cut high-waisted brief.
    You look gorgeous modelling this pretty lingerie set.

  2. Since coming across your blog I’ve bought several Avocado sets. The HCQ cut is still my favorite. Just got a Stardust set in early March. Its even more gorgeous in person! Thank you for introducing me to this brand!

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