One of my wishes for 2018 is to keep finding amazing places to shoot in the nature. It is definitely not easy in Montreal from November to March but I am sure I can do better than a white whole anyway. Here is another serie taken by my Mum and her little sister during the holidays. I never thought I could actually pose in front of my mum one day, as I was such a modest and shy kid. I wouldn’t even get naked on the beach to put on my swimsuit when I was 7 and there I am at 23 in lingerie in front of strangers in the middle of a river, with my mum (which was really protective and strict when I was growing up) taking my blog pictures.

[Avocado generously provided this bra for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

A year ago I had the opportunity to review the Valentina set in 65K, which at that time was slightly big on me but still a good fit. Since that point my breasts have changed a lot and my new Avocado size is now somewhere between a 60H and 60J. The brand kindly offered to send me a new Valentina bra in 65H and I am happy to do an update review today to show you the way this new size fits me. I also realized that a year ago, I had less knowledges on luxury lingerie and my review definitely didn’t give honor to this set.

For those of you who don’t know Valentina yet, it is part of the Avocado’s Couture range, which is more expensive and luxurious than their usual pieces. Indeed, the use of a French lace and Swiss guipure embroidery put this set on a whole other level. I personally think Valentina would find a natural place on a Galerie Lafayette lingerie booth. This bra has not only a high level of support, something that is very rare in luxury and fashion lingerie, but also a real delicacy and Savoir-Faire behind the construction.

Valentina is gorgeous and the attention to detail is absolutely everywhere in that set.
I got the bra in the NF cut which is known for its extra depth and indeed I found it to be almost too deep for me. If you have very projected breasts, this cut might be a good option. That said, the cups being very closed at the top, I do not experience any gap in this area, which is rare at the moment with my breasts being shallower and more full on bottom than ever. I think a 65H works well for me. I am in between a UK 30G and a 30GG at the moment, but I think if ever my breasts would grow to a full 30GG, this size would still fit me. I actually find really mysterious that my breasts manage to fill a 65K before, while my UK size only changed slightly but I guess they were simply fuller everywhere.

This bra is a three-part full cup bra and features a rather high but very narrow gore which tacks without hurting. The wires are also narrow and gives a lot of projection to the cups. The lower part of the cup is lined with an un-stretchy mesh while the upper part is only made of guipure lace. These cups provide a slightly pointy shape but very uplifted. That said, it doesn’t look pointy under clothes. In this size, the band has three sets of two hooks and eyes but feels very stable and comfortable. I find this band very similar to a UK 30 band and I wear it at the loosest set of hooks.

Have you noticed the guipure embellishments along the straps and wires? In my opinion this type of details are worth acknowledging and definitely add something to the ensemble. The gore is also embroidered with Swiss guipure which is a very original detail that I which we had photographed better. (Maybe you can still see it if you zoom on the picture below).

This set is so elegant really. I definitely feel like it would look as good on my mum as it looks on me (I actually sent her the 65K). Its beauty is ageless and it is highly wearable. I am not afraid of it loosing its shape especially since I wear this brand on a daily basis and never had any bad surprise. The longevity of their bras is great. That said, I do feel like the brief is a little looser after a year, but well, it’s been a year and I have lost weight since I first got it.

Talking about the brief, I am wearing a size Small and I love that this brief can cover my belly button. I have a rather average torso for my 5’7 but a lot of high waisted brief sit below my belly button and while it is not a big deal, that is not my definition of “high waisted”. The back of this piece is made of a soft microfiber (my version of this brief was composed of 50% cotton, 45% polyester and 5%lycra, but the composition seems to have changed according to the website). It provides a very good coverage and is very easy to put in and off. The front part is a perfect reminder of the bra design. In fact, it features the same gorgeous guipure which definitely gives dimension to this design. I can easily imagine a choker made of this guipure to complete a dark queen look.
Note that if you are not a fan of high waisted briefs the brand also offers thongs, briefs and shorts in this range.

 Overall, I am just so glad I can still wear this set after my breasts shrunk! I can’t get enough of it and it is a good reminder of why Avocado is one my 3 favorite full-bust lingerie brands so far. I can’t wait to show you more of their lingerie!

Before leaving… Use the code ”  ComicsGirls10” to get free shipping and 10% off on the whole Avocado website until the end of the month! <3

Bisous bisous!

Yours truly,

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  1. I really like Avocado. I can’t find this bra on the website though, at least not in the online store. (NB: There’s no link to Avocado in the review.)

    1. Hello AEnn,
      Thanks for letting me know! I posted this yesterday evening and I guess I was tired. I added the links needed. 🙂

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