Avocado has released their Spring Summer 2018 collection and I can’t wait to show you guys more of it! Although the brand is known for its classic aesthetic this new collection is summery and more colourful than the previous ones. Today is however dedicated to one of the loveliest of Avocado’s “basics” : the Skin.
Last year, I got to review the Skin collection in the beige and black colorways and size 60J and Small (dear God, I am glad my modelling and photography skills have improved), but the brand recently came out with a Cappuccino colorway so I am happy to give you an update on the fit in different sizes.

The Skin collection is definitely one I keep falling in love with. That minimalist aesthetic is all I want at the moment and I love that it is paired with an impeccable fit. This new colorway is a bit difficult to capture with the camera but I did my best to get the color as accurate as possible. I would describe it as a light grey taupe with silver accents. This is a very elegant colourway which looks like a mist on the skin. I particularly love how the shiny elastics add structure to this design. The layering trend is not over and this set is right in that spirit. I can see this set being both a special occasion ensemble or my perfect everyday lingerie.

The HCQ cut is the most flattering cut for my full on bottom and wide breasts. After trying the Skin in 60J, and Misia in 60H I thought the 60H might be my favorite Avocado size. I am definitely in between sizes but for this style, the 60H is perfect. Note that I am a UK 30G/30GG depending on the brand.
We talked about this cut before, but for my new readers, I’d like to go over it again. Avocado HCQ is like an hybrid between a traditional balconnet and an half-cup bra. For that reason, the cups tend to be more closed at the top than they would be in an half-cup but they still allow projection and give a beautiful uplift. I love that they are not shallow and allow me to be active during the day without having to readjust my breasts inside the cups.

Avocado uses a non-stretchy mesh for the lower 2/3 of the cups and a stretchy mesh for the higher part. That way, if you are full on top you still have some room to avoid spillage, and the cup can still hold their shape under the pressure of breasts weight. It is always interesting to look at a bra construction from a fullbust perspective. While sheer lingerie is amazing, you really need to use the strong fabric if you want it to be durable and wearable. Sheer and soft strong fabrics are also one of the reasons why I love Avocado. This bra is just as supportive as the other ones I have in my drawer ( probably more than some of them actually) while still looking light and delicate.

The straps are fully adjustable, although they are rather short (yay!). If like me, you have high set roots this bra is a very good option. The wires and the gore are very narrow which is amazing for close set breasts as well.
In this size, the band features 3 sets of 2 hooks and eyes. I personally don’t have any issue with that, especially since it is made of a strong and soft fabric. I have had readers asking me why I size down in the band in Avocado bras (as EU 60 = UK 28), and I have to say that I simply found the wires to be more comfortable for me in that size after trying different options. I still have my beloved Valentina in 65H which is very comfortable in the band and that I also wear at the loosest set of hooks. So I do not recommend to size down. Avocado’s band are not very stretchy so you should be comfortable in your usual UK size. I am ok with a 28/60 band, and usually need to break them in a little but I am the only blogger I know who prefer a smaller band in this brand. It is just a question of body shape and personal preference.

I received the retro brief in a size XS this time, which was an error but interestingly, ended up fitting great. The reason why it still fits me is probably because the microfiber used for this colorway is stretchier than the mesh used for the beige colorway. I adore Avocado’s microfiber. It is super soft and comfortable, perfect for everyday wear. It is also lined with mesh inside of the brief. This is a nice detail and should improve the longevity of this piece. I am a sucker for high waisted briefs so I am glad I received this style. It is a true high waist, and happily covers my belly button, which is nice because shorter high waisted briefs don’t look so flattering on my figure. The front part is made of two different meshes. In the middle, there are two layers of a more narrow, unstretchy mesh, which will hide slightly your intimacy. On the upper sides, one layer of a wider mesh creates a beautiful geometric effet and shows a little more of the skin. I really enjoy the attention to detail in this design.

The Skin is one of my favorite every day sets. The Cappuccino colorway is lovely and I feel like you only can get how pretty it is once you have it in your hands. I personally had a hard time understanding the colour before I received it. I am glad that I got to try this bra in a 60H because the fit is amazing. I still wear the beige and the black ones in 60J and they fit me properly, especially during that special week of the month. I feel like they give me more projection and less cleavage due to my breasts shape but if you are a full on top 30GG you might like to go with that size.

Thank you so much for reading! I appreciate your support!

Yours truly,

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