It’s been a longtime since I have actually written a lingerie review. This month is being crazy busy. I am about to graduate from my masters, and this is taking most of my time and energy. Yet, I am annoyed because I am not active enough on my blog and social media platforms. I just wish there were several of me. Anyway, today I want to review one of the most beautiful sets I got to try this year: Katherine Hamilton Sophia set.
Katherine Hamilton is one of those luxury brands that is quite discreet and maybe a little underrated despite making excellent quality work.

[ Disclosure: I have bought this set with my own money. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

I have seen them getting a lot of attention when they launched for having such a wide range of sizes. Several bloggers reviewed this strappy number but I felt like things got a little slower during the past years. To be honest, I was very interested in some of the collections that were never released (but might be in the future) and didn’t want to get another black set when I discovered Sophia. The brand sells currently 3 collections: Louise, Sophia and Abbie. Sophia is available in black, red and ivory, while Abbie is available in a delicate pink and a black colorway as well.
However, I heard so much good things about the brand that I eventually got interested in this set this year. Sophia has such a classic aesthetic. The combination of the balconnet cut, and the silk and vintage inspired lace makes it a timeless beauty. A luxury that fullbust women after a G cups are often craving. Katherine Hamilton Sophia Sophia is available from a 24DD up to a 38HH with coordinated from UK 6 to 16.
This year, the brand added an outlet section to their website and I was lucky enough to find a full set in my size for 50£ + 7.95£ shipping cost. First of all, I am very happy that the brand offers a cheap shipping option as well as a DHL 20£ (~ 33CAD) option. Most brands only offer the second one and I have to say that it prevents me from buying quite often.
The outlet section is full of samples or items that don’t meet the brand quality standards so I wasn’t sure if it would be a good idea to buy from it. The description said: “These bras are classed as Grade C; on some body types the outer quarter cup silk sling may cause slight indentation affecting the shape of the overall cup. ”  That being said, the Sophia set that I received has nothing noticeably wrong about it.
I think I wouldn’t have known that it wasn’t matching the usual quality standards if the brand hadn’t mentioned it.

The bra fit:

The 30GG is slightly big in the cup for me but not enough to size down (as always) and the band was true to size and comfortable. I believe it would be an great fit on someone with full on top and projected breasts. Since mine are full on bottom, I still have some room at the top. Nevertheless, the fabric is delicately laying on my breasts tissue and doesn’t show ugly wrinkles or anything aesthetically unpleasant. I found the silk sling to provide a nice support and a great uplift.

I like that the straps are covered with silk (or made of silk?). They are semi-adjustable but short enough for my taste so this isn’t a problem for me*. They also stay in place during the day. The wires have a narrow shape but feel a bit wide on my body, not uncomfortably though. My actual issue with them is that their length results in a very high center gore. Indeed, despite being extremely narrow (which is amazing), the gore gets uncomfortable after a while. This doesn’t prevent me from wearing this bra but it’s something to take in consideration if your breasts are high and close set.

* They are actually shorter than any other British bras straps I have tried before.

The coordinate:

Now my favorite part of this set has to be the high waisted brief. I wasn’t sure about the size to pick but after reading some reviews I ended up buying a size UK12 instead of my usual UK10. I am SO glad I did. In this size the brief fits me perfectly. Note that the floral lace isn’t stretchy so I would recommend to size up in the brief if you have wide hips or if you are in between sizes.

The brief is made of silk satin and lace at the front and mesh at the back. I absolutely love its length. I find it so hard to get a real high waisted brief that covers my belly button! But this one does and in a gorgeous way. It’s comfy and flattering. I am in love. I am so happy I decided to go for it. This piece feels luxurious and is so well cut. It is now one of my favorite briefs in my wardrobe. I actually wear this set just to wear the brief sometimes.

I am honestly impressed and so pleased by this first impression of KH intimates. If you are lucky enough to find your size in their outlet I would definitely recommend this set! Actually, considering the high quality and the fact that KH lingerie is manufactured in the UK, it would definitely be worth it at full price. Every time I put this set on I feel so grown up and elegant. I love that it works as an everyday set as much as a special occasion one. On a side note, I was surprise to receive my purchase in a gift box despite the fact that I got it from the outlet section! This was a great surprise.

I don’t know if you guys remember my “brand wishlist” for 2018 but I am happy to say that I will be reviewing a second set from Katherine Hamilton this year! This means that I have reached half of my goal already! 🙂 Stay tuned for the second review!!

With love.

Yours truly,

UPDATE: One of my readers told me that the wide wires were one of the reasons why this bra was in the outlet as she had the opportunity to discuss the issue with the brand. The normal version is supposed to feature narrow wires so if you can’t do wide wires I would advise you do go for the normal quality product.

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8 Replies to “Discovering Katherine Hamilton: Sophia (30GG & UK12)”

  1. Thank you for reviewing this set Wen!
    I ordered this Sophia seit in a 28GG and 30G a vew weeks ago and both were to small in the cup for me, also the silk sling cut in slightly and the wire was too wide, the wire looked pretty much like it does on you, but I really really really loved how comfortable and elegant the material is, as a fellow small but full bust girl I kind of struggle with finding anything that will fit me that isn’t so tacky or rough or cone shaped as a lot of Panache, Freya etc. bras are and Katherine Hamilton offers exactly what I was looking for.
    So, I contacted them and asked about the fit issues I had, (I bought them of the outlet section like you), I got a really nice reply that said they’re in the outlet section for exactly those reasons, the full price bras have narrower wires and the sling is loosened up a bit!
    I send mine back and am now saving up for 1-2 full priced sets 🙂

    Btw. do you have issues with cups not beeing deep enough/ not having enough immediate projection and also having wired shapes sometimes? I tried a bunch of Freya, Panache, Curvy Kate and Ewa Michalak bras lately and none of them had enough immediate projection for me, the wire is always pushed down :/ Do you by chance have any recommendations for bras that are deep at the wire witout exagerating the size/shape of your bust?

  2. Thank you for reviewing our outlet pieces. To feel elegant is a key motivation of ours and I’m so glad the high waist knickers are such a win! 🙂

    As Jae B has kindly mentioned, the underwires in this Outlet item are a size wider and deeper than our Grade A pieces and we have now updated our product descriptions accordingly to ensure this is more clear. It will be great to see how the wires fit in the second set that’s up for review as they will likely provide a more petite and projected fit with a lower gore 🙂

    Thank you xx

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