A few days ago, one of my Instagram followers asked me for advices about independent designers that make plus size full-bust bralettes. It made me realize that despite reviewing many indie brands, my blog posts were definitely not informative in that regards. So, I decided to set a non-exhaustive list of designers I trust for making bralettes for most body types.
But before I start spreading my love for these brands, I have a couple of tips that could help y’all when buying made-to-measure bralettes:

1) Make sure you give all your measurements! Meaning : bust circumference , bust radius*, underbust circumference. Bust radius is an important information that many designers don’t ask for. Indeed, fuller bust women tend to have projected breasts, which is important to take in consideration with bralettes and made-to-measure bras.

2) You can give tighter measurements for your underbust and bigger measurement for your bust circumference. If your breasts tissue isn’t super firm or if you like a tighter/more supportive feel, cheating is often the way to go. I personally always give my underbust measurements minus 2cm when ordering bralettes. After a few bad experiences, giving my true measurements and I won’t do it anymore if I buy online. Things go smoother when I added 2 cm to my bust circumference and remove 2 cm from my underbust. This isn’t an actual rule but you might be able to use this tip proportionally to your measurements. This technique never failed me except with designers that weren’t used to make full bust bralettes.

*distance between the middle of your nipple and the root of your breast.

Toru and Naoko

Photo credits: Toru and Naoko

Toru & Naoko is the brand that introduced me to indie lingerie. I have had very good experiences with them and I own about 4 of their bralettes and matching knickers. The designer, Camila, is super talented and easy to work with. I am always happy to get pieces from their sample sales as well even if made-to-measurements pieces are what I go for 80% of the time with them.

Lace Grenade

Photo credits:@lexmorgull and @plumpp_sgh via Lace grenade Instagram account.

Lace Grenade is one of my best lingerie experiences of 2018. The designer is an adorable woman that knows what she is doing with her patterns. I love the fit of the Buffy bralette I got to review a few months ago, and I wear it to work like an everyday bra. It’s comfy, it fits well and it makes me feel super badass! I love that she is making lingerie for all body types and that she is not afraid of adapting her pattern to fuller bust and/or fuller figure! This brand is badass!

Uye Surana

Photos credits: Uye Surana

Another great surprise for me! If you have read my Uye Surana review you already know my opinion about the brand. Since I discovered them 2 years ago, I have seen this brand evolve and grow to become very body positive and inclusive. Silk and beautiful laces are to be expected with Uye Surana in any size from XS to 3XL. Plus you can definitely order custom sizes if you find yourself out of their size range!

Vava Lingerie

Photo credits: Vava lingerie

Vava lingerie keep it simple but definitely delivers! I am quite in love with their Priscilla bralette and high-waisted thong. I didn’t even need to get a custom size, their 32G fitted me like a dream. They make 42 sizes of bralettes and work in an eco-friendly way, using organic cotton and deadstock laces. Their bottoms go from size 0 to 16 but like other indie brands everything can be made to measurements.

Sacha Kimmes

Photo credit: Sacha Kimmes

Last but not least, Sacha Kimmes lingerie. The cutest label, huge satin bows and lingerie skirts = *overdose of sweetness*. I haven’t been very lucky with their underwear but the skirt I have reviewed two years ago remain on of my most treasured lingerie pieces. Sacha Kimmes lingerie ready-to-wear garments are more designed for petite women so I would suggest to go for the made-to-measurements options. I personally would need a size L instead of my usual size S in their briefs (to give you an idea).
That said, if you go for the made-to-measure options and don’t look for much support you will not be disappointed! My friend Caroline (modelling in the red set above) is always delighted by their pieces!

Have you tried any of these brands? Do you have another amazing brand in mind for plus size women? Let me know in the comments!

Yours truly,

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