Although I don’t show it on this blog, I definitely have an obsession with loungewear lately. I have almost 10 robes in my wardrobes and yet I keep adding some more to my wishlist. Note that I bought all of them during the past year or so. However, something I have learnt from my past impulsive purchases is that not all pretty robes are created equal. Some mesh can be a bit scratchy, some satins aren’t breathable and some pieces are simply unpractical (which is not necessarily a bad thing).

[This kimono was sent to me as gift. All thought and opinions are my own.]

I have dreamt about getting a silk robe for some time. However, all the brands I knew about seemed to be overseas or in the USA. That means I would have to face arbitrary custom fees for a 300 to 500$ package and I am still not ready for that. At the end of last year I discovered for the first time a Canadian luxury loungewear brand. This made me realize that while I was only looking at foreign designers, I could have a silk robe made in Canada. I wish I discovered Canadian lingerie businesses faster. That said, earlier this summer, I was lucky enough to come across Birds of Paradise clothingInterestingly, their feed is full of sun and tropical vegetations and I wouldn’t imagine they were from Vancouver without reading their biography. I loved the idea of bringing a bit of sun and fun in this cold country. But I was even more interested by the fact that their garments were all made in Canada. The brand offers a range of silk robes inspired by tropical vegetation.

Looking at their Instagram pictures, I had the impression that their loungewear range was made to hang out on the beach. However, once I received mine, I knew it was too precious to take the chance. The Flower Power robe stock pictures don’t give honor to the actual product.

This robe is made of a lovely blue pure silk charmeuse. I wasn’t sure if I’d like the big flowers aesthetic but once I put it on, I was delighted by the way this silk wrap fell on my body. The ochre and brown flowers actually looked very pretty. I received a size Medium and this robe is actually fuller bust friendly. The wide double layered sash is appropriately long to look both luxurious and not annoy me in my everyday life. The silk is light and good quality, and the stitching is neat. It became my favorite thing to wear at home during July heat weave.

Although I tend to be attracted by long opulent robes that are likely to be inconvenient for everyday life I definitely appreciate the wide but short sleeves of this robe. All of my other robes have long and wide sleeves and I have to admit that this can be a little annoying while being in the kitchen. I was very happy to discover that it also has pockets. This robe is comfortable to wear, breathable and elegantly dress the body. Note that I am 1m71 and I usually avoid short robes because I feel naked if they barely cover my bum but the length was actually very nice for me.

This piece is quite different from my black monochrome wardrobe and I love it for that reason too. It feels like vacations and lazy Sunday and that’s all I need right now! Plus, honestly, there is nothing quite like the touch of silk around your body. I always wondered if it was overrated but I can tell you that it’s not!

Discount code: Use COMICSGIRLS10 to get 10% off your purchase on Birds of Paradise clothing website!

Hope you are enjoying the last days of Summer!

Yours truly,

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