I don’t know if you feel it too, but the weather is changing quite drastically. This year, Winter came early and strong and Montreal already is covered with snow. Although it looks lovely, it is also quite sad as I know I won’t feel the warmth of the sun until April.
That being said, I am not about to cancel my plans because of negative temperatures.
I have been wanting to shoot this outfit since July but didn’t find a minute to do it, and now, I just have to deal with winter shoes and the snow…

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I think today’s outfit is a good representation of what I like to wear on a daily basis. Black and white, simple clothes, with a (faux) leather twist. I think it also falls into the lingerie-as-outwear category.

I bought this Frank And Oak tank top this summer, and I love it. The cotton seems to be a great quality. I got a size Small and I like that it has enough stretch to fit my breasts and body without getting distorted or enlarged when I remove it. I guess I should have bought it in several colourways when I had the chance. The white one feels thick and has a nice cut. However, last month, I bought a black one, and I found it to be much lighter and thinner. I don’t know if I would have the same experience with another colour or if it is specific to the black colorway. They all have the same composition.
Anyway, I really love this tank top. It just is the perfect basic for me. It goes with everything and works for every season. I remember one night, I was a little bit drunk and somehow spilled red wine on it. ( Don’t judge me. ) Guys, I don’t think you know another drunk person that can spend that much time removing a stain from her clothes. In the end, after, some salt, lemon, and baking soda, (oh and some time in the washing machine) I managed to get rid of it. I am really glad I could save that top.

Frank And Oak

I received this Maze-H harness from Bijoux Indiscrets a few months ago and I can’t believe I love it that much. It’s such an easy piece to style and it just makes a simple outfit much cooler. It also looks quite cool as a lingerie accessory. I might take some pictures of it as lingerie later, but I just find it very relevant as outerwear.
As I said in a previous post , Bijoux Indiscrets accessories are made of recyclable material. So it’s not natural leather obviously, but it is an eco-friendly product and it seems to be good quality.

I personally think the black ones will last beautiful longer than the brown ones. As you might know, it is easy to stain light coloured faux-leather because it’s made of plastic. So if anything a bit greasy like body cream touch it, the stain won’t leave.With all that being said, this product is a good value for the price and I have been using it very often since I got it. It never fails to get me compliments. I honestly just feel badass when wearing it.
That black and yellow scarf was bought years ago from Ecoté. It really is one of my favorites. It’s just so huge and warm and also so beautiful after all these years. I really love scarfs. Maybe because I am always cold. But this one is also amazing to wear at the beginning of Fall when it’s not cold enough to wear a coat.
The pants I am wearing are the same I was wearing in the Lace & Tencel article. With this temperature (-14°C) I need to layer them over merino wool leggings, and it kind of works. I just like that they are looser than jeans and a bit more original.
Honestly, I don’t know how I managed to take those pictures you guys, I really couldn’t smile 😂. It was freaking windy and cold. But I don’t know, I always feel like winter outdoor pictures are worth the pain.

Thanks for reading my random thoughts about clothes!

Yours truly,

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  1. Yes, I have been feeling it too. It snowed a little bit where I live recently (Long Island, New York), but obviously not even close to what you must get where you are. I dread winter.
    Kudos on your prowess and success with the stain removal. I have not mastered that. I still spill despite no longer drinking.
    I love all the unique and fashionable looks of the outfits you styled pictured above. I love that black and yellow scarf. It looks wonderful with your OOTD.
    Your winter outfit photos are fabulous..
    I am soooo not ready for winter…
    I love your style.

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