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I usually don’t do Christmas gift guides but this year, I have been inspired by my own research. It’s actually hard to find present for everybody when you are on a budget. I found out that Etsy is a nice place to find original gifts (yes, I am so late). They have a huge range of prices and although I usually use this website for vintage finds, it is also nice to discover small designers.

I put together a small list of ideas that is meant to be affordable to any budget from 18$ to 100$.


While this might not sound very original, I think a beautiful sleep mask can be a great present to anybody with fancy tastes or light sensitivity. I just discovered a sweet brand called Boy Howdy which make nice satin and lace mask with ruffle detailing (or not).
I think one of my favorites it this burgundy sleep mask with floral guipure detailing. Most of these masks have a very Marie-Antoinette vibe, but some are also more artsy or simply cute.

[ Photo credit: Boy Howdy]

Lingerie books

There are a lot of lingerie books out there but not everybody are lingerie geeks. I bought Cora Harrington’s book, In Intimate Detail , this summer and I think it is one of the most approachable. It’s pretty, heavy (hardcover books are the best) but also easy to read. This could be a very nice present for anybody that is even a little interested in lingerie. I know I will gift it to at least one of my loved ones.

Lingerie bags

Something that can be useful to the traveling lingerie addict is a nice lingerie bag. I like mine to be big enough in case I need to bring padded bras. You can find or make lingerie bags pretty easily, but I love everything vintage inspired so I had a crush on these little ones. The black and white one looks just delicate and cute, although I can imagine that it’s not to everybody’s taste. A nice floral print can also look very elegant. I have seen a beautiful one from Department of Curiosities but it’s a little less budget friendly. You can totally find a nice lingerie bag for less than 25$.

[Photo credit: The Wild Raspberry (left) and Kranofokus (right)]

Embellished gloves

I know lace gloves aren’t really easy to wear but I can’t help but love them. As illusion lace remains a big trend, I feel like gloves made of embroidered tulle could be a fancy gift. Gift don’t need to be especially useful on a daily basis, as long as they make people happy, right? I know a bunch of girls who would be very amazed by a nice pair of unwearable gloves. I personally would wear them for photoshoot or any time really. These ones are rather affordable with prices going from 15 to 45$.

[Photo credit: Precious Design shop]

On my personal wishlist remains this pair of gloves by D.Bleu.Dazzled . But really, I think these gloves could be a nice present as they are black, short and relatively easy to wear for someone who likes being extra. You can customize them to have more discreet sparkles or more luminous ones. While this brand doesn’t have the fanciest imagery, their products are known to be unique and high quality. I love their catsuits but really can’t afford them right now. Anyway, I want these gloves so bad. I hope Santa hears me.

[Photo credit: D.Bleu.Dazzled]

Unusual stockings

After I bought the Uye Surana Flora Mirage stockings, I realized how nice it is to have sturdy leg-wear instead of one that can easily get damage by anything getting close to it. I came across the vintage inspired stockings by When I Saw Her, on The Lingerie Addicts facebook group and fell in love immediately. They price at 50USD which is more expensive than my usual stockings obviously but hopefully they are worth it. They would totally fulfill my Alice in Wonderland dreams.
lingerie gift guide

[Photo credit: When I saw her]

Loose fit babydolls

This gift guide is very vintage oriented but I had to feature this Katringloss tulle babydoll  . It’s so lovely and must have a very easy fit, since the waist belt is removable. It could be a nice loungewear item but also quite easy to wear as outerwear. That would be a 69 USD gift and it seems quite amazing to me. It’s fully sheer, the black dress isn’t part of the babydoll, but that gives you an idea of how to wear it out.

[Photo credit: Katringloss]

Easy-fit playsuits

I am quite obsessed with bodysuits lately and I really like this Lazy Girl piece . It’s versatile and the sizing is interesting as you will need to know both the top and bottom sizes of the person. It can be tricky but well, at least it’s not the usual S-M-L . In my experience, a lot of bodysuits are unsuitable for people with less proportional measurements. At least you get to say if you are a Small at the top and a Large at the bottom if that it the case.

[Photo credit: Lazy Girl Lingerie]

Bralette and brief set

I think buying “real” lingerie to someones requires some intimacy. It’s not the easy way to go but if you wish to follow that path then, there are a lot of beautiful options to choose from.
I picked this Jordan de Ruiter Embroidered bee set, as I think bees embroideries are the cutest thing. This designer also offers another set on the same theme. The sizing here is a bit more complicated than S-M-L but I think it’s for the best. They go up to a D cup with bands size from XS to L which is equivalent to 30-38.
2018 christmas lingerie gift guide bralettes

[Photo credit: Jordan de Ruiter]

Non-wired bodysuits

Unother risky present but oh so beautiful. Y’all, I am just giving you ideas, but you can totally go for something less transparent. I just had a crush on this bodysuit and I think the construction seems flattering and unusual. It’s also an occasion to support a small and eco-friendly designer. The sizing goes from XS to XL but the material suggests some flexibility.2018 christmas lingerie gift guide

[Photo credit: ColieCo lingerie]

Fancy kimono

In my opinion, a robe or kimono is always an easy present. Of course you need to know your friend/lover/family member a little but it’s really an item that you can buy by guessing the fit. Plus, everybody looks fancy in a kimono.
My advice would be that bigger is better than tighter when it comes to robes. At least if it’s a bit too big, it could look even more dramatic and you get more of the gorgeous material. If it’s too tight, then it might be uncomfortable for the shoulders or the bust. I just discovered Singing Slowly on Etsy and I really like some of their pieces. This black number is amazing to me. It’s classic and elegant with a touch of luxury around the sleeves. Hard to go wrong with an item like that. Unless the person hates black. In that case, they might prefer something more colorful something more colorful .

[Photo credit : Singing Slowly]

Hopefully this little list will be helpful to some of you! I feel like it just made my own wishlist longer. I will come back soon with more gifts ideas, but in the meantime, I hope y’all are enjoying the process of preparing the Holidays. It can be such a stressful time but I think it shouldn’t. The holidays aren’t about the presents, but mostly about the people we care about (and also chocolate).
Sending love,
Wen xx

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