Valentine’s day is around the corner, and while it’s nice to celebrate with new lingerie, it can also be the time to show some love to the things you already have! 🙂
Today I am partnering with Eucalan to offer you a chance to try their amazing delicate wash! If you haven’t heard of it, I had the opportunity to review their product last year.
Eucalan delicate wash is practical and efficient and I have been using it myself for about 2 years now (maybe more actually).

[ This post is sponsored by Eucalan. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.]

One of it’s particularities is that you don’t need to rinse it. It may sound odd but it works. Just a spoon of it in tepid water, let your beloved lingerie soak in it for minimum 15 min, remove it and just let it dry. It’s great because you can use it with silk, wool, cotton, or any type of fabric. It’s safe for sensitive skin and will maintain your lingerie in great shape! It can even be used in the washing machine (though you know I haven’t tried.)

[The products in this pictures are mine, the bigger bottle was bought with my own money and the smaller one was a gift for last year review.]

As a valentine’s day gift to your lingerie, we’re offering a full size 500ml bottle and a travel size 100ml to the winner. You will be able to choose the smell that you prefer, but my favorite is Jasmine, the Wrapture, so I highly recommend it! :p
To participate, follow Eucalan on Instagram and tell us (in a comment on this post) what is your favorite lingerie set and how you take care of it! The winner will be randomly picked on Monday 18th of February! Good luck!!

xx Wen

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