What is your relationship to white lingerie? I am personally always scared to damage it and a lot of the white sets I see on the full bust market are marketed to brides. I am staying as far as I can from weddings and this isn’t really my aesthetic. So I can say I was surprised when I opened my Avocado package and absolutely adored Marion. I initially wanted it in black but the colourway wasn’t available at the time. In the end, I am actually so glad I got the lighter colourway because it’s just so precious.

[ I received this lingerie set as a gift from Avocado lingerie. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]
Avocado Marion reviewThe embroidery is very different from what I already own. It looks kind of artsy. I love that Avocado always finds ways to create very special pieces that remain within a classic and luxury aesthetic. Marion is actually the first Avocado set I have tried that features silk. The silk accents add some light and shine to the set. I think it’s very pretty.

I received a 60H and XS for the coordinate. Both sizes work very well for me. I have actually been surprised with this package because all the coordinates I got were in size XS instead of my usual S but they all fit perfectly. I am wondering if the brand changed the patterns a little because I used to really not fit into their XS briefs and my measurements haven’t changed.
Avocado Marion Avocado Marion exists in NF and HC but I chose the HC cut. I remember saying that the Lukka HC fitted me quite well in my previous Avocado review. However I need to say that this bra suits my breast shape much better. While I experience nip slip with Lukka, I have absolutely no fit issue with this bra. It’s actually super comfortable and gives me such pretty breasts. I don’t think it’s obvious in these pictures but I get a discreet cleavage and  very rounded profile.

I believe that the silk band at the top of the cup also prevents my nipples from showing. It seems to cover just enough to provide a secure fit. While the cup are made of un-stretchy tulle, the silk band shows some elasticity. I also feel like my side heavy breasts have more space in this bra so they do not try to escape on the sides. It’s just a perfect match with my breast shape. The gore is tacking properly but doesn’t hurt. Instead of the usual branded pendant, there is a faux diamond at the gore. It’s not so necessary for me but it doesn’t take away anything from this bra prettiness.
Avocado Marion
The band features 3 sets of 2 hooks and eyes and side boning. As you can see both the straps and the bottom of the band are covered with silk. The straps are fully adjustable and rather short. I found the wires to be as narrow as my other avocado bras wires in this size. Thanks to them, the cups offer a lot of projection.

The coordinate I received is the full brief. I love the silk panel at the front and around the triangular key hole at the back. This style provides a lot of coverage and is quite comfortable. If you don’t like low rise briefs then you can definitely go for this one. I wish Avocado had a few seamless back options as the elastics are a bit too thick to go unnoticed on this brief. I actually love their thongs, so if you also want VPL-free briefs there is this option too.
Avocado Marion
To be honest, this set is probably my favorite out of the 5 Avocado sets I tried recently. I guess it’s because it’s something different from what I am used to. I don’t have many half cup bras that actually work for me, and none of them is as fancy as this one.
I am absolutely in love with the shape it gives my bust. Honestly I would wear it all the time if it wasn’t white. But I want it to last forever.

Y’all take care! <3

Yours truly,

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  1. I love the look of the full coverage briefs and the ornamentation on the bra.
    Although I generally prefer pink, I do love wearing white lingerie at night, and replace it frequently when it fades. That white Avocado Marion lingerie set looks gorgeous being modelled by you. It’s a very pretty lingerie set!

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