Although bralettes have been trending for a few years now, some of us still don’t feel comfortable abandoning the secure support and shape of a bra on a regular basis. I don’t know about you, but when I dress in the morning, I try to go for the bra that will best suit my outfit. Some bras cuts just look better under certain pieces of clothing and that is important for me. The most common issue with bralettes is the “uniboob”. When a wire-free bra doesn’t separate your breasts, well, it shows and can be considered unflattering under some tops or dresses.

[ This set has been sent to me for review purpose by Royce Lingerie. I have been compensated for my work but all thoughts and opinions are my own.]

That being said, after a few years of blogging, I can assure you that there is always a solution in the wide lingerie world. A few years ago, I discovered Royce lingerie, a British company specialized in wire-free bras. They have been offering maternity bras, sports bras, post surgery and pre-teen bras for a long time now and after trying 3 of their products, I can tell that they are both comfortable and supportive.

When I first discovered the brand, I thought their cutest bra was the Candy Blossom , which is actually a maternity bra, but is very nice to sleep in and quite adorable design wise. This is probably their most bralette-like bra, and I got to review it at the time.
However, when the brand reached out again and ask if I’d review their Maisie bra, I realized that I had yet to try a padded wire-free bra. Maybe this was the solution to the undefined shape bralettes give under clothes? An uncompromising solution that would still be simple and comfortable. It sounded interesting.

The fit

And so I received Maisie in size 32G and Small. Maisie is a plain navy blue set, made of padded cups and featuring satin cuff detailing. It’s meant to be a wireless t-shirt bra, and I believe it does respect the definition. I appreciate that the brand chose navy blue instead of black as I think it’s a bit more joyful and works just as fine as a basic. The size range for this bra goes from a 30D to 38G-40FF.

When I opened the beautiful PR package, I have to say that I was surprised by how big the cups looked. I was a bit sad thinking that an exchange would be needed. But then I tried it on, and while I believe a 32FF would fit better, it wasn’t actually that bad.
Since Maisie doesn’t have wires, the cup seems to go all the way under my armpit. However, since Maisie doesn’t have wires, there is no digging issue and the bra remains very comfortable.

Interestingly, even if I am usually a 30 band, this bra is very supportive and I can wear it at the loosest band setting. The “gore” doesn’t tack like a wired bra would but it does separate my breasts and give me security when I bend forward. The cup are very smooth and features pockets so you can add cookies if needed.

I am always surprised when wired bras manage to be extra supportive and this is one of those bras. The underbust band is replacing wires very well and I could wear this bra on a daily basis without having to complain about my breasts bouncing around. I know that some people also dislike bralettes because of breasts sweat. Well, this bra sits well under my breasts so this is not a problem.

As you can see, the band is wide and features 3 sets of hooks and eyes. The straps are medium length. They are fully adjustable and I wear them at middle length. I think if I was wearing a 32FF, I would be able to wear them a little bit looser, though. My main issue with the 32G is that the cups are too tall and reach my armpits in a way that could be annoying if I was wearing this bra outside of the house. It’s not painful (surprisingly) but I know it could be better.

The coordinate in a size Small fits me well and are very pleasant to wear. Just like the bra, they are made of modal and cotton and are just so soft! Most of my underwear are lace and mesh and I forgot how nice it is to have my bum covered with such a soft material. I also love the satin detailing, which makes this brief prettier than regular basic underwear.

In a nutshell, this set is a very nice option to lounge around your house or even wear out on days when all you need is comfort. I love the quality of the fabric and the overall feel of this set. It’s really a nice and affordable basic and since it runs a bit big in the cup it might even work for GG cup people.

Have you tried Royce lingerie before? What do you think about wire-free bras?

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