I have been going through a lot lately and taking pictures has been difficult. Sleepless night have been affecting my work and my health and I am now just pushing myself to keep going. I honestly just can’t wait for the Summer. But well, that is not why you are here today. Today we’re talking about a product I have been curious about since I discovered PS-Ling: a T-front bodysuit.
So what’s that and what is its purpose, you may ask? Well, a T-front bodysuit is basically a thong bodysuit without a crotch. This product is initially targeting ballet dancers and performers but also anybody who is tired of wedgies and is looking for new underwear solutions.

[ This bodysuit was sent to me for review purposes. I have been compensated for my work. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]
PS-Ling T-front bodysuit I love the ballet universe and as a former gymnast I thought it would be interesting to review such a piece. Considering its nature, I tried my best to not flash you with my intimate parts but this body is extremely scalloped since it doesn’t have a real crotch. Instead, a string goes from the front to the back. After trying the PS-Ling t-front thong, I wondered if a crotchless bodysuit destined to be used as dancewear could really do the job.
One of the issues people encounter often with bodysuits is the length and cut of the crotch/bum area… I am 5″7′ and I consider myself to have a medium length torso so these issues occur maybe 1/3 of the times. As you may know, if the bodysuit is too short, the crotch will be very uncomfortable, so I thought that using a string would be quite risky.I received a size Medium which I think was a safe choice in my opinion. It’s even a bit large actually. This bodysuit is made of 95%modal and 5%lycra and is quite flexible and soft to the touch. It does feel like training clothes, in the sense that it’s clearly made to allow movement and be put on and off quickly. The back is open which means it’s preferable to wear it braless. I know I wouldn’t dance braless but this piece is probably targeting smaller busted women. I think if if wasn’t for my breasts and my height I would have gone for a Small actually. It doesn’t provide me with much breasts support in a Medium and wrinkles a little around the straps and back. However, this area is perfectly comfortable.Now this bodysuit was designed to provide a solution to people who need a more practical pattern than the usual leotards’. For the needs of this review, I did wear it three times, to get a bit used to this new fit.

To be honest, while the t-front thong was a rather neutral experience, I don’t really find this bodysuit to work with my morphology. Yes, it does prevent wedgies, but I don’t feel truly comfortable wearing it. And don’t get me wrong: I am fine with wearing a crotchless piece. However, with this one the wedgie issue is transferred at the front of the piece – in comparison to the thong that stayed into place very well. I found myself constantly trying to readjust it. Now this can still be about the habit, or the size, but that is my experience with it. PS-Ling T-front bodysuit PS-Ling T-front bodysuit is meant to be worn with dance pants or at least some shorts. I decided to show as much as I could in this review since you guys have been asking questions after the thong review. Now, depending on your body shape this piece might be more or less revealing at the front. I personally like extra coverage even if nobody is looking, ahah!

While this piece serves its purpose, I think you either need to be very used to the sensation or to have a morphology that works with it. I love a good black leotard, and this one will get used again, but only over traditional underwear. I think it can work very well as an additional layer during Winter or as outerwear during Summer. This open back would be the perfect excuse to expose strappy bras/bralettes as well. Considering that it’s very affordable (≈ 26 USD ), I think dancers who struggle with their current dancewear could totally give it a try. If you do, please give me your feedback!

Let me know if you have any questions :-*

Bisous bisous!

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