Well, it is not quite new anymore but Playful Promises opened a French website! Finally, a brand based in France offering a fresh and varied range of lingerie in an incredible size range! Playful Promises create core, full bust and plus size lingerie, which is quite impressive! Moreover, as most of you must know they mostly create fashion pieces. This is something that French customers have been missing out on for too long! Now, of course, we could easily buy from the British website but this is going to make things much simpler for a lot of people!

[These velvet pajamas were offered to me by Playful Promises.fr. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]When I discovered this British brand in 2013, I really associated it with a slightly provocative pin-up / vintage aesthetic. Since then, it has clearly evolved into a more mainstream vibe while continuing to draw inspiration from pieces from another time.
I remember a time when it seemed out of reach to me because of their size range. Right now, the brand offers bra bands in size 28 to 44 and cups from A to H, with clothing size going from UK 6 to 30 (US 2 to 26).
On the occasion of the opening of their new website, the Playful Promises France team kindly sent me these beautiful peacock velvet pajamas. I have been waiting for an opportunity to wear it outside and Canadian spring should be perfectly appropriate! I received it in size UK 10 and I think this size is perfect for my body type. This set is particularly comfortable and very elegant. I love to wear it when I need a pampering moment or if I’m a little cold but I can’t bring myself to wear sweat pants. (Yes sometimes I’m fancy like that ahah…)Suffice to say that in Guadeloupe, the temperature was too high to wear it outside the house (and again, on a cool night). That being said, the magnificent color of these pajamas complimented perfectly with my mom’s garden. Details such as the rolled hems that give a beautiful finish to the belt and the cuffs at the sleeves particularly charmed me. The pants are comfortable and elasticated at the waist. They are also  rather narrow. I’ve always loved the brand’s nightwear line. They often make me feel like a Hollywood star. These pajamas are really a set that I would have bought on my own if they had not offered it to me. I’m really into velvet lately and it’s really the perfect winter pajamas when you want to add a little glamor to your life!

Sunny kisses and lots of love! Take care y’all!

Yours truly,


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