Part of being a content creator is knowing how to take advantage of casual situations and make the best out of them. We are experiencing a gorgeous Summer this year, so why not doing an outdoor brunch to celebrate it? Of course, I couldn’t spoil a piece of daylight and had to photograph my new Lovehoney garments.

If you don’t know the company yet, Lovehoney is originally a UK sex toy retailer, who took over the adult toy industry by offering a user-friendly yet discreet and playful approach to sexuality when they launched in 2002. They are now one of the leaders in terms of sexual products and their selection of toys and lingerie has been consistently improving since their humble beginnings. They now have a Canadian, US and Australian website too.

[Disclaimer: I was sent these pieces as gifts. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This article contains affiliate links.]

Lovehoney Cherry Blossom
The brand recently sent me pieces from their new Cherry blossom collection and it’s honestly adorable. I am positively surprised by how much I like those pieces. Of course, when introduced to the range, I was attracted to it, but you never really know a product until you experience it.
I was sent a size Medium in everything which is the equivalent of a US6-8 or UK 10-12.

The Cherry Blossom Blue satin babydoll set is my favorite actually. The set is composed of a satin and lace sky blue babydoll and a matching tanga.

Lovehoney Cherry Blossom

The floral lace is soft and stretchy while the satin features a lovely cherry blossom print. I am pretty much in love with Japanese cherry trees, so this pattern couldn’t not please me. I think it looks better in real life than it does on the website.
When it comes to the fit, this item wasn’t the easiest to put on, mostly because of my bust, however, once adjusted, it does fit like a glove. I feel supported in a very flattering way. It doesn’t crush my breasts or flatten them. Au contraire, it’s comfortable and secure enough to sleep in. ( Or do lots of other things actually. Wink…)
Lovehoney loungewear
The second blue item is this pretty Lovehoney cherry blossom satin cami set. I am always happy to get new loungewear, but with the many heat waves that hit Montreal this year, I am prioritizing what is light and short. This set speaks to me in that regard.
This two-piece set is actually very enjoyable and has a nice construction. The top is ample and features a criss-cross back with fully adjustable satin straps. The shorts have a stretchy waistband and neat stitches. One of the things I like about this collection is the attention to detail.
Lovehoney Cherry Blossom
Although there are a few loose threads, you can tell these are fairly durable garments. I always suggest taking care of affordable lingerie in the same way you do with luxury pieces. That’s the secret to a good looking and long-lasting wardrobe no matter your budget.
The third item I will introduce is the Lovehoney Cherry Blossom Ivory Satin Robe . This item is actually one of my most practical robes despite the Ivory colorway. Indeed, the satin belt is partly sewed to the back of the robe up to the side of the waist. This means that you can. never lose it and that it will always sit in the right place. I love that. 
Also on the inside, you will find internal ties to prevent the robe from opening even if the external sash would mistakenly open. I love that the brand added lace around the collar of the robe as long as at the edges of the sleeves. It really adds the beauty of the design and makes it look more delicate.
I usually avoid white loungewear but I love this piece and have been wearing it a lot since I got it. The sleeves are also short enough to not bother me if I am doing practical things around my apartment. I judge clothes by their quality but also by how they make me feel and this Cherry Blossom collection gives me the best vacation vibes. Note that it’s a One size product fitting from US 4 to 12/ UK 8 to 16.
This year has been very different and I have no idea of when I will get to have some real rest again but enjoying the sun in the morning while eating breakfast in my lingerie is giving me positive energy. Hope you are enjoying the photos too!
The last item and maybe the coolest is the Lovehoney Cherry Blossom Ivory Satin Teddy. This item is precisely one of those things I would have never envisioned myself wearing a couple of years ago. It’s extremely revealing and offers no support whatsoever.
Well, this item was seemingly made to only hide temporarily what is meant to be seen.  I can tell that with a smaller bust it could be a little easier to wear even as outerwear with a nice pair of pants but for me, this is definitely in the bedroom items category. I like it for what it is though, and it makes me feel good about my body, while in the past I would have felt ashamed for not having perfectly round apple breasts.
The back is my favorite part as it is very open and only features one long string from my neck to my lower back. It’s adjustable although I had no need to do so. If you looked at my recent IG stories you might have seen it more clearly but the stock pictures on the website are also showing it very well.
No, really, I appreciate this new Lovehoney collection and it makes me want to try more products from the brand.  The range is fairly affordable with every product being 49.95$ except for the robe 54.95$. Every item featured in this review exists in a plus size equivalent on the website.  
Lovehoney is also known for its discreet packaging, whether you are buying a sex toy or lingerie, they won’t describe it openly on your package. Nobody needs their neighbors to know about their sex life or simply their life in general in my case…
I hope you enjoyed this review. I personally loved taking those pictures and writing it. It’s always nice to be surprised by a brand especially when you feel that you are getting a bit numb and tired of the current offer.

Oh, I almost forgot! Take 10% off Lovehoney’s website through this link!

Love always,

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  1. That Lovehoney Cherry Blossom Blue Satin Cami Set and Lovehoney Cherry Blossom Ivory Satin Robe look very comfortable and pretty.
    I enjoyed your review very much, and subsequently visited the companies fascinating website and YouTube channel.
    It’s nice that their packaging is discreet.
    I love the photos of you above confidently showcasing that pretty Lovehoney loungewear while having a healthy outdoor picnic.

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