So many things have changed for us this year. Among the small, perhaps insignificant changes, there was the dressing habits. I have been swearing by the perfect fitting wired bra for years now but after months of staying home all day, dressing as freely as possible has become a must. I don’t have the biggest apartment so I had to make things as bearable as I could.

[These pieces were provided by LoveSuze for the purpose of this article. I was compensated for my work. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

Stretchy and soft fabrics have been my go-to when I wasn’t simply braless under a kimono. When LoveSuze reached out to me and offered that I tried some of their products, I thought it could be nice to discover new lingerie meant to be comfortable and flexible. I was also very curious about their Flex-Sizing™ fabric which is supposed to follow body fluctuations.

“A woman’s body changes on a day-to-day basis. Our styles are created with this in mind. We use a special combination of materials that give and take with every wear. As a woman’s body fluctuates, the fit adjusts and embraces her changing shape.”- LoveSuze

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To be honest, if I wasn’t a newly 30FF, I wouldn’t have imagined that their products could work on me seeing the models breasts size, but this year has been full of surprises, so I thought it was worth a try!

The Soho bralette

I picked the Soho lace bralette (M/L) and coordinated Uptown Lace Cheeky Bikini (XS/S). One of my rules with non-cup-sized bralettes is that I am never the bigger size nor the smaller ones, but if I don’t fit the middle size then I have to move on. It’s a bit tricky, as you probably know to fit both my bust and my underbust with this kind of sizing.

LoveSuze flexibleI have been surprised to see that my breasts could fit into their size M/L. It’s honestly a tight fit, and there is a bit of side-boobing on my left breast but somehow I can wear it all day and it doesn’t get uncomfortable. The racerback stay into place and I don’t feel the weight of my breasts on my shoulders.
LoveSuze lingerieThe coordinate bikini is VPL free and so easy to wear. I think the size XS/S fits me well, but is very very cheeky compared to what it looks like on the model. If you would like more coverage, then I would maybe go up a size.
The floral lace is very cute and the fushia colorway really acts like a nice blush against the skin.

The Sutton bodysuit (S/M/L)

LoveSuze lingerieThe Sutton bodysuit is my favorite design from the brand actually. I always love to see high leg bodysuit on everyone but on me. So this time I decided to see if this was all in my head and just try. To my surprise, it actually looked so great! For sure, it’s not exactly how it looks on everyone on the internet, but I like it. It’s me.
This thong bodysuit is made of light stretchy fabric and features a large triangle keyhole at the back. It’s a very sensual silhouette. Now I think it would be a bit too large for any one proportionally thinner than me. I am a US6. If I usually wear a size Small, this piece could certainly fit up to a size Large without any issue.

Overall, I truly think that LoveSuze managed to create a flexible lingerie line, although it has its limitation within the size range. Take into consideration that this sizing will not stretch indefinitely but really up to a certain size. As long as you figure out where you are in the size chart, then you should be fine.
I liked discovering this new brand, and finding out I could actually fit into their products, something I wouldn’t have suspected otherwise. LoveSuze also sells a few fun products, which are perfect for gifting and don’t necessarily require complicated fitting.

What do you think of LoveSuze offering? Have you been lucky with flexible sizing products?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section!
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