While 2020 really disturbed everyone, I think it’s time to find our way back into the good vibrations and happiness so we can enter the new year with our best energy. I am personally making sure to deal with my traumas, expectations of myself, and my environment. Although we mustn’t socialize too much, it’s still possible to have a toxic environment via virtual channels. Take the time to focus on yourself this month and next month so you can interact better with others later.

For me taking care of myself is also making sure I treat my body well. I am not the best at that. I adore eating but I also don’t eat for the nutrients, I eat for pleasure. This means I can literally not eat if I don’t expect any specific pleasure from it (or I will eat breakfast food all day long). I am having a difficult time dealing with the negativity of the world but I also guilt-trip for allowing myself to “ignore” it in order to keep the energy to live positively. I need to find a balance between caring too much and turning a blind eye. And while I used to be rather sportive at some point in my life, I have recently been focusing on the world in my head more than how my body moved.

All those things have been huge issues this year, and only produced rotten fruits that impacted me terribly emotionally and physically. So I decided to move on and take one issue at a time. So I am now rewarding myself for getting back to workout by looking at new sportswear. Ahah… It’s nice to discover all the new full bust options!!

Here are some of the best bras I have seen for core sized, plus size and fullbusted customers !

[Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links]

Panache Sport Moulded bra

Shock Absorber Run sports bra

Anita active extreme control sports bra

Parfait Energy Sports Bra Rumba Red/Cherry Pink

Figleaves Jessica underwired sports bra

BERLEI Full Support Sports Bra Black

Pour moi energy infinite double strap bra

Shock Absorber Classic support sports bra

Cake Maternity Zest nursing sports bra (grey) (black)

FREYA Active Force Soft Cup Sports Bra

FREYA Active Epic Crop Top Sports Bra

freya sports braFREYA Active Force Soft Cup Sports Bra Atomic Navy
royce sports braROYCE Impact Free Sports Bra Pink
small bust sports brasNike training bra
full bust sports braChantelle Sport High Impact Convertible Bra

sports bra


sports bras

GLAMORISE No-Bounce Cami Sports Bra Black/Grey

What do you think of these options? Do you own any of these bras?

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3 Replies to “Sports bras to feel amazing during zoom workout”

  1. I recently got the Panache wired sports bra and absolutely love it! The first time I wore it for a high intensity workout I forgot that I had boobs. I’ve NEVER had that much comfortable support in my life. They also look supremely sexy, imo. I feel about the same about the news. Election year is always tough here in the U.S. but this year takes the cake. I’ve chosen to get rid of social media apps on my phone because I felt that they were a perfect storm of negativity, hate, and political barragement. It’s just felt like our virtual worlds have become worse than our real world. I’m focusing on what’s around me in the real world for now and so far I’ve felt a lot more peace. And when I feel that peace, it makes me more capable of dealing with the very real pain in the world around me in a way that is actually constructive and not soul crushing.

  2. Most of those look like they wouldn’t stop bounce – way too much cleavage showing! The last time I seriously shopped for sports bras was 2012, so I’m now trying to find new ones. Back then I tried the Shock Absorber, Freya, Lynx, Bravissimo Inspire, and Panache. I wasn’t fully satisfied with any. Now, I just tried Shefit (not great on me), and have ordered the Anita (haven’t tried it yet). Of the ones you posted, the Royce and Glamorise look like they offer the best coverage, but the Glamorise doesn’t go large enough.

    1. I’ve worn the Royce for years. Although it provides great coverage, it is more of a light support bra. I loved it for yoga but wouldn’t wear it for intense cardio. If you do try it, I would advise to size up. I wore the 36K when I was a 34K.

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