I am experiencing an agreeable winter this year, in Montreal. In all honesty, I might be biased because it is also the first winter that we have to stay home most of the time. It might be just as cold as any other year but at least I don’t have to be outside most days.
This year, I have been wearing all of my loungewear with pleasure, being less worried about damaging it and focusing on the present. Why have so many great pieces and only wearing a few of them? I think this year, I actually enjoyed my clothes more than before. I paid attention to how they made me feel, and they became even more precious to me.

This year, I also had a growing interest in making my own clothes. I have always been fascinated with the art of fashion and there are so many great designs out there that are currently unaffordable to me. Yet, I find myself dreaming about the moment they’ll be mine. And so I am feeling very inspired right now and I want to learn. As I was lusting over all these things on the internet, I came across a few cute and cosy lingerie pieces that seemed very appropriate for a winter wardrobe.

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MissFunkyNatty knitted crop top (full set here)
LALcouture Vanessa plus size lingerie set
Efflampiya knitted stockings


TrikiCashemere Cashemere knit shorts  and top

Jolantaknit knitted top and short set

Jolantaknit Merino wool short  and top

Jolantaknit Merino wool knitted set

LelaSilk velvet slip

LelaSilk velvet robe

Sartoria High waisted upcycled cashmere brief and bralette

Cashmere Tigh high stockings with bow/ without bow

Srecha handknit unisex highwaisted brief
Vintage knitted slip and shorty set

Lucy Wilkins velvet loungewear set

Tabbisocks knee high socks [ crochet / ruffle top ]

Deiji studio linen loungewear set
Hansel from Basel knee high socks
Storia textured jogger pants

What do you think of wool lingerie? Is it something you would wear?

xoxo Wen

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