Today I am partnering with the lovely people at Thistle and Spire to offer you an amazing post-Christmas present! It’s been a while since I did a giveaway on my blog! Actually, last month was my blog anniversary (5 years! yay!) and I didn’t take a moment to celebrate. Anyway, I think the holiday season is the perfect timing for this little giveaway I was offered to host! I am so excited about it!
The giveaway is taking place on my Instagram page, but I thought it would be great to give some extra information about the brand and what they have to offer to my blog readers!

[Disclaimer: I was compensated for my work on this giveaway. Though all thoughts and opinions are my own and no editing has been requested.]

Thistle and Spire is an NYC based lingerie brand that has been consistently creating fireworks into my timeline. They are known for creating gorgeous embroideries. I remember discovering the brand with their Medusa collection, which has been purchased by so many lingerie addicts already! I have seen people of many different body shapes and genders rocking their lingerie on social media. It’s always a pleasure for the eyes and I think they really know how to celebrate their customers.
The brand reached out to me a few months ago, as they were about to launch their new sizes and start catering for full-busted babes! I can’t even start telling you how excited I was about the news because the only thing that prevented me from trying the brand so far was that I was quite certain that my underbust/bust ratio wouldn’t work with their regular sizes.

A new size range

For those who aren’t familiar with them, the brand has been offering bodysuits, nightwear, and bras sets in sizes XS to XL and 32A to 36DD if they feature wires. And so they introduced me to their new Buxom sizes, which extends their size range to a 38G!! These sizes also make the general size range include 30 bands, which is amazing, and to be honest I think people who wear a 28 band could totally give a try to their smaller Buxom sizes! How wonderful is that? I love that more independent brands are willing to include fuller busts! This Thistle & Spire Giveaway is a great opportunity to review these new sizes!

A quick introduction

Alright… This bodysuit is FIRE! The brand sent me a size Small which is absolutely perfect! I am actually so glad I wasn’t asked to pick the size myself because I would have mistakenly gone for a Medium. Honestly, I am in love with the fit of this piece.
You know, it gives the perfect amount of side boobs and coverage. I am not super comfortable with the way my bust looks braless from the side but this piece makes me feel 100% confident about my whole look.

It’s made of tulle and soft microfiber and is sturdier than it looks. It really smoothly shapes my body without any discomfort and I love how stretchy it is. I usually don’t like thong bodysuits because when they are too short for my torso, they get unpleasant around the crotch. This hasn’t been my experience with Thistle and Spire bodysuits. Au contraire, I never feel like taking it off.

Seriously, they create magic!


I have been saying that the concept of a wired bralette is a bit of an oxymoron because bralettes are supposed to be wireless per se. However, for this particular piece, it sounds very appropriate. The Amore bralette features soft wires that do the job of keeping your breasts into place, while still giving you this light bralette feel. It’s both a bralette I could lounge around with and something I wouldn’t mind wearing during a busy day of work.

I got to try the XS+ and S+ sizes, and while I could fit in both, I was more comfortable in the S+. I am currently a 30FF/G but I had the impression that the XS+ was more of a 28FF/G, or a 30FF for people with more narrow/shallow breasts. The S+ feels really great to me and I am wearing it at the loosest band settings.
The coordinate is lovely and VPL free which I love. I am wearing a Small in this piece too.


Medusa has been a longtime crush of mine. And so are Thistle and Spire longline bras. I actually didn’t realize how structured they were before trying this on! The pattern is quite excellent and secure. I usually can’t wear most triangle bras because my bust escapes in the middle but I have been wearing my Medusa in size S+ very much and very comfortably since I got it!

I love that it provides so much support even without wires and the the boning prevents the longline part from rolling. It’s also my first front-opening bra! Can you believe it? I have never had a bra with a front opening before and this one didn’t disappoint. The metal clips are really great and allow a secure fit while also looking fancy. I want to wear this bra as outerwear someday! It is too cool!
Also, I must say that the coordinated thong is super flattering and comfortable, for the side elastics are rather stretchy. This brand is reconciling me with thongs as everyday wear and I am not mad at it!

I hope this gives you an idea of how wonderful their products are! If you want a chance to get a 100$ gift card to use on their website, go check my latest Instagram reel and follow the rules!

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This giveaway is open to the US, UK, Canada and Australia. May the force be with you!

Happy holidays!!

xoxo Wen

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2 Replies to “CGNB x Thistle & Spire Giveaway : Win a 100$ gift card”

  1. Thistle and Spire’s lingerie designs look extremely pretty.
    Although only I purchase and review full coverage lingerie for myself, these Thistle and Spire designs would make a wonderful gift, and the giveaway sounds fabulous.
    I can’t help but appreciate the artistry of Thistle and Spire’s lingerie designs!
    These beautiful photos of you modelling the pretty Thistle and Spire designs are fabulous.

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